The Killing Season 2 Opener Notes

Posted: April 1, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing

WARNING Spoilers if you have not yet seen the season 2 opener.

Add your Add your comments/theory’s below.

Season 2 kicked off with a thrilling 2 hour premiere, by they the end I felt the question is not just who killed Rosie, its who isn’t involved? Thats the exciting story.

  • Linden suspects Holder is somehow connected to Rosie’s killing
  • As new evidence surfaces Richmond is cleared as a suspect
  • Richmond is new in a hospital paralyzed after Belko shots him and later commits suicide
  • Holder knows now knows that Rosie’s murder is beginning to look like a giant conspiracy and Linden refuse to speak with him as she sees him as a suspect.
  • The Larsen’s have had a horrible 2 weeks as day 15 comes to a close
  • It would appear that Holder is one of the good guys (I questioned this throughout the episode)
  • Stan’s getting back to his mob ties as the episode ends

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