Thursday 4-5 Missing, Touch, and Scandal

Posted: April 5, 2012 by Scott R. in ABC, Fox
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Episode Notes:

  • Michael begins to question the truth behind his father’s death.
  • Becca and the CIA gain a lead in the case of her husband’s death.
  • Becca learns that her husband may have gone rouge, before his death.
  • Michael Searches for an escape route out of the facility, in which he is being help captive.
  • Becca goes to Croatia, to find a man named Ori, Who may have information about the death of her husband and the kidnapping of her son.
  • Becca goes to meet Ori, Only to learn that he has been murdered, by someone from her past.
  • This Episode has many Flashbacks, Used to help with the Back-Story.

If You haven’t watched this show yet, I strongly suggest you do So. Ashley Judd plays an Ex CIA Agent, Who’s son has just been kidnapped. She must find out who kidnapped him, and where he is. Be sure to Watch Missing Live: Thursday’s 8/7C, on ABC.


Episode Notes:

  • Martin Meets a friend of his Wife.
  • Jake makes a connection using the number 9.5
  • By using the number 9.5, Jake makes a connection between Martin, and one of Sarah’s (Martin’s Late wife) Friends.
  • Many Connections are made in this episode, The connections are between various people throughout the world.

This show is very interesting. It’s about a Child who can use numbers to make connections between people. It is suprisingly hard to publish Episode notes about this show, because there’s several stories iner-twined into one episode. This show is progressing very well, and I suggest that you watch it, if you haven’t yet done so. Watch Touch Live: Thursday’s at 9/8C. On Fox


Episode Notes:

  • The Episode starts off with action, it has an opening that really grabs the Viewers’ Attention.
  • A young lawyer Joins Olivia Pope’s “Defense Team”, and learns that the “Team” Doesn’t Defend Clients, but instead, They Make the Client’s Problem “Disappear”.
  • It is revealed that Olivia Pope is a very powerful, and feared, Former White house Associate, Who now runs her own “Defense Team”.
  • Olivia tries to help a war hero, who was accused of killing his Girlfriend.
  • A White House Staff member is claiming that she and the President of The United States had an Affair. Because of that, Olivia gets asked (By The President) To make the problem “Disappear” .
  • In A Shocking Scene, It is revealed that not only had the President had an affair with the White House Staffer, But he Is Also involved Romantically with Olivia.

Tonight Was the Series Premiere of Scandal. I didn’t know what to expect, Since the quality of the shows that I’ve watched recently haven’t been up to standards. But I was Surprisingly satisfied with the quality of this series premiere. The Show has: Action, Conspiracy, and even a little humor. I will definitely be watching the 2nd Episode. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s at 10/9C. on ABC.


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