“Community” “30 Rock” “Up All Night” & “Awake” NBC Thursday

Posted: April 5, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in 30 Rock, Awake, Community, Episode Notes, NBC
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And so it began…..

Community kicked off the NBC comedy block with a new twist on what has become a old favorite battle “Paintball War”. This time the epic battle was a Pillow Fight with Troy and Abed taking sides in mockumentary episode.

Troy- “Blanketsburg Vs Abed- Pillowtown

  • Study Room Kerfuffle
  • Blanketsburgh with the “Changlorious Bastards”
  • Pierce (Like always) switching side wound up being the great weapon of Pillowtown (Watch the episode!)
  • Jeff egging on the battle of avoid homework
  • Annie- The angle of the battlefield
  • The war lasted 2 1/2 days with Troy and Abed agreeing to be friends again

This was an epic episode and that im sure will make it into your top 5.


30 Rock was next..and well was a great episode of classic 30 Rock. This is one to rewatch again!

  • Jenna gets prank’d by the writers
  • Pete has no ambitions and Jack takes him under his wing to get his “Mojo” back
  • Tracy gets his sense of smell back after realizing a ring has been stuck up his nose for years… the procedure is later reversed…
  • Nice shout out to ABC’s Revenge
  • To quote Tracy’s dad “So you didn’t go the store for milk and heroine and never come back”


Up All Night followed a repeat of “The Office” with great guest stars Megan Mullally & Fred Armisen. This episode really stood out and had me laughing the whole time.

  • Chris is jealous that Reagan is on a business trip with Luke
  • Great shout out to the “Portlandia” pickling episode, as Luck is afraid of pickles
  • Eva gets drunk after being sober for 80 short hours the night before a 5k run


Awake capped off the night with the best episode of the series.

  • Michael may be psychotic and there are many others just like him?
  • After being injected with ketamine Michael start to hallucinate that is a penguin in both reality’s
  • Is Michael being setup/played??

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