What im watching on a lazy Easter Sunday

Posted: April 8, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in NBC, The Killing
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To all who celebrate Happy Easter!

On a night filled with mostly repeats Me and Scott got you covered with the few new episodes airing tonight.

Harry’s Laws 8/7c

The Killing 9/8c

Mad Men 10/9c

NBC’s “Harry’s Law” kicks off the night at 8/7c (Scott will have you covered)

Promo for tonight’s episode:


AMC’s The Killing 9/8c

I of course will be watching AMC’s “The Killing”.

The Killing has been getting ALOT of backlash from fans over the pace of the story and not revealing the killer yet, but I love every bit of the show and season 2 is really coming together a with massive conspiracy/cover up story.

The question is not just who killed Rosie, its who isn’t involved? Thats the exciting story.

Promo for tonight’s episode:

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