Raising Hope: Season Finale: Part 1 (4/10/12)

Posted: April 10, 2012 by Scott R. in Fox, Raising Hope
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Episode Notes:

  • An Investigation story is done on Hope’s mom.
  • Murders start to occur in Natesville (Committed by Hope’s mom.)
  • Nancy Grace Guest Stars in This Episode
  • Maw-Maw is interrogated about the murders.
  • A Montage of video clips helps put together the story that immediately followed the arrest of Hope’s Mom.
  • It is Revealed that Hope’s mom Proposed to Jimmy.
  • Jimmy and Hope’s Mom have their wedding in prison.
  • During Jimmy’s wedding, a Hostage Situation occurs.
  • At the end of the episode, Someone from The Chance Family’s Past Returns.

The first part of the raising hope finale was about an investigation story, that has just been made, about Hope’s Mom. The Show has great Flashback Clips, along with a boatload of laughs. A MUST WATCH.



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