4/11/12 Episodes of: ‘Law and Order: SVU’ & ‘Best Friends Forever’

Posted: April 11, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC
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Best Friends Forever

Episode Notes:

  • Jessica becomes depresssed after aciddently “Butt-Dialing” her Ex-Husband, and leaving an embarassing message.
  • Lennon and Joe decide to convince Rav to let Jessica Cook at his bar for one night, to help her get out of her state of depression.
  • Jessica’s Ex-Husband Arrives in Town.
  • Jessica finds out that lennon and Joe Staged the Catering Job.
  • Jessica’s Ex-Husband arrives at the bar.
  • Jessica’s Ex-Husband Asks her to Come to London with him, so that they can ultimately get back together.
  • Jessica’s Tells her Ex-Husband that She IS FINISHED with him, and at the end of the episode, she regains her Self Esteem.

Best Friends Forever Is a Show that NBC just threw out into the television world. Tonight’s episode was much better than the pilot, but the Series, as a whole, needs work. This show has to find a way to seperate itself from the rest of today’s comedy. I think next week (Hopefully) The Episode will be better than the 1st and the 2nd episode. Watch Best Friends Forever Live: Wednesday’s at 8:30/7:30C. On NBC.


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode Notes:

  • A Rapist From Benson’s past Returns: Is it a Copycat, or did Benson Make a fatal error?
  • The SVU Thinks that Pena (The Killer that Benson Convicted 8 years ago) Has something to do with the recent Rape.
  • The SVU find a new suspect in the Rape. (Martinez)
  • The SVU discovers that Martinez did not commit the rape.
  • Ellis Takes on Pena’s Case.
  • The Rest of The SVU begin to question if Benson caught the right person, 8 years ago.
  • Amaro and Benson Go to question the rape victim, from 8 years ago.
  • Benson begins to realize that she may have made a mistake on her conviction, 8 years ago.
  • It is confirmed that Benson made a mistake, and convicted the wrong person.
  • Ellis begins to suspect that Benson and David Haden (The A.D.A) are having a Romantic Relationship.
  • Benson Discloses her and David’s relationship, to Ellis.
  • The SVU learns that the suspect is a foreign naval officer.
  • Pena gets proper justice, and gets his charges vacated.
  • Olivia and David decide to put their relationship on hold, for the time being.

Law and Order: SVU is a show that you can start wacthing Mid- season, and instantly become a fan. It always has an aprubt ending, with a twist. If you have never wathced SVU, I Suggest you do so. Watch Law and Order: SVU Live: Wednesday’s at 10/9C. On NBC.

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