“Grimm”- 1×17 “Love Sick” Notes

Posted: April 13, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Episode Notes, NBC
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First off it took me a long time to finally become a fan of the show.. that happened just a few short episodes ago. Tonight’s episode really came together with plenty of action and suspense.

  • Nick /Monroe discover what Adeline has given both Hank and Sergeant Wu and rush to find an antidote. Both are cured just in time
  • Captain Renard is the mastermind behind all this….
  • Nick and Adeline have an epic showdown in the woods with the good guy (Nick) winning and thus Adeline looses her powers

Ok as a “Chuck” fan I would equate the battle between Nick & Adeline to the epic Chuck/Shaw showdown in season 3.

There was alot to love about this episode and alot I didn’t get notes about. I you missed it, be sure to catch it on Hulu tomorrow.

Grimm- Friday’s 8/7c on NBC

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