Harry’s Law (4/15/12 Episode)

Posted: April 16, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC
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Episode Notes:

  • Sam Continues his efforts to sue Harry and the firm.
  • A young Young Yale Acceptee’s Parents Think that she might be dealing drugs, So they Apprach Ollie and Phoebe for help.
  • Sam presents Harry with an Offer in the Law suit. He Promises to Drop the Suit, and let Harry’s Client Keep the money, If Harry Comes back to work for his firm again.
  • Phoebe Agrees to go Speak with the Suspected Teen Drug Dealer.
  • Harry Enters The Firm Into the Lockober Fundraiser, Due to a bet. The Bet is: If Harry Wins, Sam Drops The Lawsuit.
  • Ollie and Cassie Agree to enter The Fundraiser Competition under the “Hottest Couple” Category.
  • Ollie and Phoebe learn that The Yale Acceptee is Dealing “The Morning After Pill” To fellow Students.
  • Jessica Donner (The teen Dealer) Is Arrested for ‘Possesion, WIth intent to distribute a controlled substance’.
  • Harry Makes The bet Double or nothing. Meaning If She Loses, She’ll have to pay sam an Extra $3.1 Million
  • Jessica’s Trial Begins.
  • Chinhua (Reluctantly) Agrees To enter The Competition.
  • The Jury From Jessica’s Case comes back during the competition, so Phoebe goes wothout Ollie.
  • Some Serious Competition Presents itself at the fundraiser competition.
  • Lisa outdoes every contestant at the competition.
  • Ollie and Cassie do a Romantic Slow Dance, for their performance, at the competition.
  • Jessica Is Found Not Guilty.
  • The Firm Learns That they are one big Family

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

  1. “We’re Gonna Kick your Silicon-Injected asses.”    – Harry Korn
  2. “I May be Sixty, I may Be short, But I’m Damn Hot. I sizzle, in fact.”    – Harry Korn


I’ve watched Harry’s Law Since The First Season, And The Show has yet to fall below my Standards. This show has Action and comedy Throughout. Kathy bates Is a hilarious Actress, Who plays the part of Harry Korn Very Well. If you haven’t Watched Harry’s Law yet, I suggest you do so. Watch Harry’s Law Live: Sunday’s at 9/8C. On NBC.


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