Raising Hope Season Finale (Part 2)

Posted: April 17, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, Fox, Raising Hope
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Episode Notes:

  • Nancy Grace Reviews how Lucy Survived her Execution.
  • It is Revealed That after Lucy Was Beaten By Prison Guards (After Rising From The Dead), All Charges Against her were dropped, and she was released from Prison.
  • Lucy Sues for Custody of Hope.
  • Lucy Proposes that Jimmy and Hope got to Tibet With her, So that the case Won’t have to go to court.
  • Lucy’s Defense Council Files for a Motion to Supress the Knowledge of Lucy’s Crime(s) From Evidence, and Wins The Motion.
  • Multiple Witnesses are called to testify in the custody case.
  • In A Suprising Turn of Events, Custody of Hope is awarded to Lucy.
  • Jimmy Must go to Tibet With Lucy, So that he can be a part of Hope’s Life.
  • Sabrina Is Chased down the Street By Crazy Knife Wielding, Serial Killer, Lucy.
  • Sabrina Escpaes Unharmed, But Lucy Doesn’t Fair Out So Well.
  • Jimmy Regains Custody Of Hope, Because of Lucy’s Death. (She was hit by a bus..)

Raising Hope is a Hilarious Comedy That Has Already been Approved for a Third Season. Tonight’s Finale had an awesome Ending! If you Haven’t Yet Watched Raising Hope, I Suggest you do so, While it’s Off Air For its Season FInale.

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