The Client List- Episode 2 “Turn the Page” Notes

Posted: April 17, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Client List
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The Client List has been a surprise for me, Its only the 2nd episode and im hooked. I completely dropped AMC’s “Mad Men” to watch this Sunday nights.

Episode 2 “Turn the Page” Notes:

  • Riley can’t get her mind off of Kyle’s (husband who left) phone call without a message and now his phone is disconnected.
  • Its been 1 month since Kyle walked out.
  • Riley finds a phone number for a “Maxine” in Kyle’s jacket. Think he left her for another women and leave a message.
  • Lacey (Riley’s best friend) comes over to watch kids and wait for a phone call back from Maxine while she goes out for face time (Drinks) with her co-workers
  • Out for drinks Riley’s boss Georgia in response to her wanting updated uniforms “If we don’t change anything, nothing changes”
  • The Girls sing karaoke (side note- Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot)
  • Kyle’s brother Evan show up just into time to see the show. (Georgia called him to pick up a drunken Riley)
  • Evan takes her home and they share a brief moment while he is putting her to bed.
  • Lacey has left several (8) more messages for Maxine and Riley finds out.
  • Riley goes to take lunch to Evan to thank him for picking her up last night.
  • Back at work Riley gets a coupon book as a tip. She shows off the sexy new uniforms for everyone. Here first client is “the camel” a guy who comes everyday for a week after being on an oil rig for 6 months.
  • Riley’s Mom finds out about suspected Kyle’ssuspected mistress and is “Fired up”
  • Riley about her mom “Shes’s already trotting for husband number six and I haven’t got over the fact my first one ended”
  • Lacey got Maxine’s home address and they go to her house. Finds Kyle’s old car and kid that looks like him (This was all nothing in the end so keep reading down)
  • Confronts Evans who doesn’t know anything (hes telling the truth)
  • Georgia convinces Riley to face the truth and confront Maxine.
  • Finds out Maxine use to be addicted to pain meds along with Kyle and that’s how they met. Kyle helped her overcome her addiction and the kid is not his at all. Riley knew nothing about his addict and is shocked by it.
  • Riley loves to the “Fixer” of relationships.
  • Invites Evan to dinner to apologize. He stays for awhile to help with the kids.
  • (Riley in a dreams imagines Kyle coming back and calling her a whore for what she does at her job)

On the next episode of The Client List- Sunday 10/9c on Lifetime

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