4/19/12 Episodes of: Missing, Touch, & Scandal

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Episode Notes:

  • Becca is able to disarm the Bomb, That’s rigged to the Cabin.
  • While in the Cabin, Becca begins to have Flashbacks of her time there.
  • It is Revealed that Paul is Involved in a Russian Smuggling Operation.
  • Michael’s Captors Learn That he stole The Insulin (For Oxsana)
  • Paul intercepts the CIA Vehicle, That’s carrying his stocks, and he gets them back.
  • The Cabin is Destroyed (By One of Paul’s Traps.)
  • Becca Learns that Paul was involved With a man Named Victor Azimoff, Who is a Russian Smuggler.
  • It is Revealed That Azimoff May be Involved with Michael’s Kidnapping.
  • A New Agent Takes Paul’s Case, and Informs Becca That the CIA Will no longer be involved with the investigation into Michael’s Kidnapping.
  • Becca Hijacks a CIA Helicopter, and Heads to Moscow, To look for Answers.
  • Michael Attempts To Strengthen The Signal on the Cell Phone, That he Stole from His Captors.
  • Michael Is Able To Call Mary from The Cell Phone, and Leave a Brief Message Describing his location.
  • After Michael Gets Caught With the Phone, One of his captors begins beating him, and Oxsana Ultimately stabs the Captor.
  • Becca Hears Michaels Voice Message, and figures out that he is somewhere in Russia, Possibly Azomoff’s Compund…
  • Michael and Oxsana Escape the Compound and wait in the forest for the train, So That They Can make it away from the compound, and possibly make it to a town.
  • Becca Goes to Azimoff’s HeadQuarters to Speak to him, and to get answers about Michael.
  • Becca gets taken Captive, By Azimoff.
  • Beca Gets Taken to the sane Compound, That Michael Just Escaped from.
  • Becca Escpaes her Captor(s) And begins Searching the Compound for Michael.
  • Becca Finds Michael Running In The Forest, But Before She can catch him, he and Oxsana Jump on the Train.
  • The Guard That Oxsana Stabbed, Is Suprisingly Still Alive, and on the Same Train as Oxsana and Michael.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

  1. “I Gotta Say, Escape Was a Pretty Great Present.”     – Michael


Missing Is Evolving into A Great Show. I’ve Watched This show since the First Episode, and Have yet to see an Action Deprived Episode. I Highly recommend This Show. Watch Missing Live: Thursday’s at 8/7C. On ABC.



Episode Notes:

  • Jake Discovers The Amelia Sequence.
  • Martin Continues to Struggle, To Obtain Full Custody of Jake.
  • Martin Drops off a lost bag at a Man’s House, Who’s Son has Just went Missing.
  • Clea Learns that her mother, Whom she Hasn’t seen in 6 years,  is in the Pysch Ward At The Local Hospital.
  • Clea’s mother has no idea who Clea Is, Due to a mental Condition.
  • Arthur Goes To Visit Jake.
  • Clea Learns That her Confused Mother May have accidently Taken A Child.
  • It is revealed that Andy (The Son Of the Man, Who’s bag martin delivered) May have been taken By Clea’s Mother.
  • It is Revealed that Jake is much like One Of Arthur’s Previous Patients, Amelia, Whom arthur has been searching for, for years.
  • Martin and Clea Begin to Search for Clea’s Mom, So that they Can Find Andy. (The missing Boy)
  • Arthur begins to see numbers again, after many Years.
  • Clea and Martin’s Search for The missing Child, and Clea’s mom, Lead them to a Building that is about to be demolished.
  • Clea Finds her mom, but learns that her mother Lost Andy.
  • Martin Finds Andy Unharmed, in a local Park.
  • Jake adds a new Number to the Amelia Sequence.
  • Dr. Teller (Arthur) Is Hurt. Possibly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning….
  • All of the Proper Connections in the universe, are made.

Favortie Episode Quote(s):

  1. You’re a Good Father Martin, It’s Time Someone Told You That.    – Clea

Touch Is A Very intriguing Show, However it is Sometimes Hard to keep up with since there are so many Backstories. These Notes Are only about the Main Story, In the Episode There are two Other Stories, As well as the one included in the notes. Overall Touch Is Worth Checking Out. Watch Touch Live:  Thursday’s at 9/8C. On FOX.



Episode Notes:

  • Olivia gets Hired by a friend (Sandra) To represent her son, Who Is Accused of Rape.
  • Olivia agrees to give Gideon Info on Amanda, If he Agrees to Keep Amanda Out of his paper, for 72 Hours.
  • Olivia Continues to Consult Amanda, About her Allegations Against the President.
  • Amanda Has One Request for Olivia: A Face to Face Meeting with The President, If this is done Amanda Agrees to Go away.
  • Olivia and the Team Go Over the Evidence In Travis’s (Sandra’s Son) Case.
  • Olivia Learns That Helen Fisher (The Supposed Rape Victim) Is Broke.
  • Olivia Proposes that Travis Settle out of Court.
  • Helen Tells The Terror Of her ordeal to Olivia, and Refuses to Settle out of Court.
  • The Team Begins to Suspect that Travis has Payed off Rape Victims Before.
  • The President Receives a Mysterious Audio Tape.
  • The Audio Tape is a Recording of the President and Amanda Tanner having Sex.
  • Cyrus Suspects that Olivia is Behind The Audio Tape.
  • Quinn Sets up a date with Gideon.
  • It is Revealed That Travis Raped Another Girl Years back, and that she Was the Frined Of Helen Fisher.
  • It is Revealed That Helen May Have Stalked Travis, Had Consensual Sex with him, and the Claimed Rape, To Get Vengence for the Rape Of her Friend.
  • The President, Once Again, Tries to ReKindle His and Olivia’s Romantic Relationship.
  • Olivia Tells Sandra That She needs to Quit Pampering/Protecting Travis, and Should make him Face the Consequences of his actions.
  • Travis Is Taken into Police custody, for the Rape that he committed Years ago. (Sandra Called the Police.)
  • It is Suggested that The President’s Wife Knows about his and Olivia’s Romantic Relationship.
  • Instead of info on the Amanda Tanner Story, Olivia Tells Gideon That He will get an Exclusive interview from Sandra, Telling her side of the story, about Travis’s Case/Arrest.
  • Amanda Tells Olivia A SHOCKING Secret.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

  1. “Weird is Good.”   -Hucks
  2. “She Really Doesn’t Like the Word Lose”   – Harrison

Scandal Is One of My New Favorite Shows. This Show has Conspiracy, Action, and BlackMail, Lots Of Blackmail. Scandal Will Definitely Evolve As the Series Continues. I fully Expect a 2nd Season. I Highly Suggest you Watch This Show. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s at 10/9C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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