Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (4/18/12 Episode)

Posted: April 19, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC
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Episode Notes:

  • A man Witnesses his Wife’s Rape, While Video Chatting With her.
  • It is Revealed that The Wife was also Kidnapped.
  • Boyd (The Husband) Gets a Call From Christine (The Wife) Saying that The Kidnappers wan $250,00, or Else They’ll Kill her.
  • The Kidnappers set up a drop location, for the money.
  • The SVU Stakeout the Drop Location, and soon someone suprising Arrives to get the Money…. Christine.
  • The SVU Begins to suspect that Christina isn’t telling the entire truth, about her ordeal.
  • It’s revealed that Christine is a Drug User.
  • It’s Revealed that Christine is Lying, Because the Rape Test Showed that her attacker was a Lone White Male.
  • Christine Reveals The Name Of Her Attacker…. Kevin Fahey.
  • Kevin Claims that he an Christine are in a Relationship.
  • Kevin claims that Christine was the mastermind of the crime.
  • it’s revealed that the loft, where Christine was taken, is Owned by Justin Geld, Boyd’s Business Partner.
  • It’s revealed That Christine And Justin Geld Were romantically involved.
  • It’s Revealed that Christine’s entire story was a lie.
  • Christine is put on trial for: Obstruction, Filing a False Report, etc.
  • It is revealed that Christine Influenced the Decision of a Juror.
  • The Jury Cannot Reach a Verdict.  (11-1 Guilty)
  • Christine’s Case Is Deemed a Mis-Trial.
  • Amaro Follows his Wife to another Man’s House, Could She be Cheating on Him?

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

  1. “Maybe I Should Take The Fifth On That.”    – Darel

SVU is a Great Show that has had 9+ Seasons. I  Started Watching SVU 2 Seasons Ago, And have yet to be dissappointed by it. You don’t have to watch this show from the first season to understand it, You can become a fan by watching any Episode. I Strongly suggest you Check out SVU, It’s a Great Show! Watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Live: Wednesday’s at 10/9C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.

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