Posted: April 20, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Uncategorized

Inside The Mind Of Ivy Marie

Save FlashForward.

When I quit facebook a few weeks ago, I forgot about one of my favorite pages. I rejoined and found that one of the people who runs the page is also a fellow wordpresser. I read one of his posts called Canceled Favorites and loved his choices.

If you have never heard of FlashForward, you are probably not alone. In the vacuumed left from Lost ending, a bunch of networks scrambled to find something deep and involved enough to replace it. This is my theory at least and this show was one of them. It flew under my radar at first until Netflix had it on so I took a chance. I was hooked, I loved it, and I still think it was the most brilliant season of a show ever. At first I thought it ended well, there were more questions than answers and a very…

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