NBC Thursday “Community”, “30 Rock”, “The Office” & “Parks and Recreation” (4-19-12)

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Community- 8/7c

This was either the best or the weirdest (even for community) episode.

I am VERY curious on your thoughts on this one! Share in the comments below.

  • Troy and Britta together (That’s a weird one)
  • Dean is dressed as a man AND a women.
  • Abed is mad that Annie setup Troy and Britta because he doesn’t want to loose his friend.
  • Abed and Annie enter the Dreamatorium they imagine how Troy and Britta’s date will go.
  • Abed shows her the Dreamatorium’s engine  (Not sure how to describe this one)
  • Annie changes the engine and breaks Abed after being warned by Troy that the Dreamatorium take alot out of him.
  • In the Dreamatorium Jeff wants Annie (Just do it already!)
  • At this point im confused or amazed by the episode.
  • “I did it because Troy and Britta are cute together and this would be a bonus” Annie referring to her and Jeff
  • Annie then proceeds to talk to “herself” in the Dreamatorium
  • “Can I just interject and say I don’t know what the hell is going on” Pierce
  • Cracks at Carson Daly
  • “I almost sat on my balls but then I changed direction” Pierce.. Who then sat right on them and it hurt like hell.
  • (At this point im lost or amazed again)
  • Abed can now get into other peoples minds thanks to Annie adding empathy to the Dreamatorium’s engine.

30 Rock- 8:30/7:30c

Next week is the “Live” episode.

  • Criss freaks out over the slightest possibility that Liz would want kids.
  • Jack is really trying hard to turn Kabletown into another “GE”
  • Jack want to set Liz up with Kevin
  • Jenna is having a fake “Celebrity Breakdown” which ends up being real to try and lure her boyfriend back.
  • Jack unhappy with the awful couches he is responsible for while trying get kabletown like “GE”  asks one the workers “Who do I fire you?” The worker replied “You insisted on American engineers who know NOTHING”
  • Tracy to Jenna “Were you partying with too hard with Christian Slater?”
  • Jenna on the “Today” show goes crazy and runs through a window
  • Liz finds out Jack had set her up with Kevin just for her to meet his daughter. Criss who allowed the date rushes to break it up.
  • Paul is back is Jenna
  • Jack “Any amount of Lemon is better then the crap were turning out”
  • Jack sold the crappy couches to the government who is using them for torture.

The Office- 9/8c

This is a stand out hilarious episode.

  • Andy is back with Erin.
  • Pam/Jim setup Kelly with their pediatrician.
  •  “I’d rather she be alone then with someone” Ryan about Kelly
  • Nelly wont leave and Andy is upset. He cant “get it up” that night with Erin.
  • Ryan wants Kelly again…
  • Erin confides in Dwight about Andy’s erectile problem, who then tells Nelly who is upset. “Take a mans job but leave him his balls”
  • Nelly setups a whole office meeting to discus the problem. Andy admits and suddenly the whole meeting is about who else if any experienced his problem. Pam admits Jim has.. who immediatelydenies it.
  • Later Andy gets mad starts throwing things around the office along with Erin “your not the manager I am!”
  • “I don’t think your a very good person and I don’t like you very much” Pam to Ryan
  • Nelly gets picked for office manger Andy domoted says no.
  • Ryan has big gesture to Kelly as her to marry her someday..maybe.. Kelly chooses Robbie but then starts making out with Ryan.
  • Andy get fired.

Parks and Recreation- 9:30/8:30c

And its back!!! My favorite currently airing show back from hiatus. This is a laugh out loud episode, with everyone doing there best.

  • Ann loves Tom’s apartment
  • April is filling in for Leslie while she is campaigning and says her job is terrible and calls someone in the crowd of a meeting a “Hamster Penis”
  • Ron like always want to bring the government down.
  • April “I hate People” ( I would marry her!)
  • While being forced to mediation with Chris, Ron see a restaurant “There’s a hot spinning cone of meat over there, I don’t know what it is but I want to eat the whole thing”
  • Leslie trying to keep money for both parks dept and a dog shelter convinces her opponent to pay for the shelter with the fortune he has.
  • Ron is promoted to assistant city manager but Chris is now worried because if Newport wins hes out.
  • “Prepare to experience true meaning and bliss” Ron as he opens up a bottle of whiskey for Chris
  • “Nectar of the gods” Ron
  • Leslie can kick political ass!

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