NBC’s “The Firm”- Chapter 14 Notes (4-21-12)

Posted: April 21, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in NBC, The Firm
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  • Abby is kidnapped along with Andrew by Kevin Stack
  • Andrew is killed in cold blood.
  • Stack’s men use water-boarding torture to get information out of Abby.
  • Demitri is fanatically trying to decrypt the hard drive.
  • Mitch is regretting leaving witness protection and proceeding with the Sarah Holt case.
  • Mitch and Ray are arrested while waiting to trade the hard drive for Abby.
  • In prison Ray admits to Mitch he was smart enough not to bring the real hard drive and that the feds are now decoding a fake.
  • Alex gets a hearing setup to try and get Mitch/Ray out and jail and get the hard drive back.
  • Alex admits to Mitch that she didn’t know what Stack was doing, killing all those people and that the only reason his files were locked at the firm is because she was doing a favor for their biggest client.
  • FBI finds out the hard drive is empty and lets Alex know who the the real owner is Demitri, who has the real one.
  • Lewis sneaks Mitch and Ray out of prison and says its only because he has known Abby longer then his own wife.
  • Mitch is daughter is safe with Tammy.
  • Abby escapes and makes run for it.
  • Mitch is face to face with Kevin Stack to exchange the hard drive……..
Final thoughts:
The past few episodes have completely eliminated the “case of the week” stories and have devoted the whole episode to the main story arch. The story is really coming together in high action and suspense and the promo for next week looks like its just getting better. (I’ll post it when its released online)

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