“The Killing” and “The Client List” notes (4-22-12)

Posted: April 22, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Client List, The Killing
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The Killing- “Ghost of the Past” episode 5- 9/8c on AMC

  • Richmond is having dreams where he is getting shot again.
  • Holder/Linden take in Alexi for questioning.
  • Stan’s parents question why Mitch left.
  • Mitch tries to help a young girl (Rosie’s Age) who seems to be all on her own staying at her hotel.
  • Alexi reveals that Rosie hated her parents.
  • Stan Larsen comes to the station and see them questioning Alexi
  • Alexi has a voice mail from a scared Rosie on his phone from the night of the murder. Alexi was with Rosie earlier that day.
  • (Is Linden ever with her son any more?)
  • Lindens ex husband surprises her at the hotel room, says a sick Jack has been calling him and he came to look after him.
  • “You care more about that dead girl then you do your own son”
  • Richmond is loosing it being stuck in the hospital paralyzed.
  • “Bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man you really are”- Jamie
  • Jamie reveals that Adams framed Richmond with the traffic light photo but can’t prove it yet.
  • “Im going to destroy him” Richmond
  • Alexi was going to kill Stan Larsen until he met Rosie.
  • The night of the murder Rosie was afraid of a rich guys black car.
  • Stan and Terry make out.
  • Alexi- Rosie found out the truth…Stan Larsen wasn’t her real father.


The Client List- “Tough Love” episode 3- 10/9c on Lifetime

  • Side note- Jenifer Love Hewitt is hot.
  • Selena offers Riley a job to meet clients off site.  After being promoted shes refuses to let Selena continue to take business away from Georgia.
  • Katie was swearing in school and Riley is concerned that with Kyle gone things aren’t stable for them.
  • Riley is promoted to a manager.
  • An unexpected family dinner Evan wanted to speak with Riley privately.
  • An angry client threatens Georgia he is going to reveal everything since Riley couldn’t make an appointment. Georgia set him straight.
  • Selena gives him her card for her “off site” visits. Riley now manager finds out and get her client back unknowingly to Selena.
  • Evan tells Riley he found out that Kyle left the country and headed to Mexico.
  • Riley has in indoor camp out with the kids and tells them their dad is not coming back home.


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