4/25/12 Episodes Of: Best Friends Forever & Law And Order: Special Victims Unit

Posted: April 25, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC

Best Friends Forever

Episode Notes:

  • Jessica Learns That Peter is Already Seeing Other People.
  • Jessica Decides to Go Out on a date, With Someone From her past (A man Named Keith)
  • Jessica Begins to get nervous, about her upcoming date with Keith.
  • While On Her date with Keith, Jessica Learns That he is Married (to one of her High School Friends)
  • Lennon Takes Jessica to A Bar, To Help her feel Better About The “Keith Situation” (And To Possibly find Jessica a new man.)
  • Jessica Gets invited to a Pary In New Jersey, By one of the guys from the bar (A man Named Corey)
  • Jessica Learns That She Isn’t at a Regular Party, But instead she is at a “Cougar Ball”
  • Jessica Learns That Corey Only Brought her to the ball, To Impress his dad.
  • Jessica Decides to Play along, and try to win The Title Of “Queen Cougar” To Help Corey Impress his dad.
  • Jessica Learns that she is under the Age Limit, For the Title of “Queen Cougar.”

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I Pick Out The Clothes for My Friend Time Doll,  And She Always Looks Tight.”   – Q

2) “No Sir, I’m Not Paid for Results, I’m Paid for my Time.”    – Q

Best Freinds Forever is a Struggling Comedy, That has yet to win my Satisfaction. Tonight’s Episode Was By Far the best of the season, However it still didn’t “Stand Out” Very Much. Best Friends Forever has got to find a way to seperate Itself from the Rest of  T.V. ‘s Comedies. I Highly Doubt That Best Friends Forever Will Make it Past Season One. Watch Best Freinds Forever Live: Wednesday’s at 8:30/7:30C. On NBC. 


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Episode Notes:

  • A Woman Is Attacked and Killed by the “Soho Rapist”
  • New York Citizens Become Outraged, Because the NYPD Hasn’t Yet Caught the Rapist.
  • The NYPD Go on High Alert To Catch The Rapist.
  • Another Woman Is Attacked by the rapist, But Doesn’t Get Raped, Because a Masked Crusader (who is Part of The “Justice Leauge) Saves her.
  • NYPD Gets A Lead on on a Subway Card, Used by a Suspect.
  • The NYPD Follows The Card Back to a man named Andy.
  • The NYPD Takes Andy into Police Custody.
  • Andy Claims That His Supposed Victims Picked him up, and asked for  “Relations”
  • It is Revealed that Andy Committed One Of the Rapes, But that he is not the Serial Rapist.
  • Amaro follows His Wife, To see If She is Really Cheating on him, and discovers her having lunch with an unknown man.
  • “The Justice League” (A Force Set on Capturing The Rapist) Beats Up Andy.
  • Andy Files A Lawsuit against the NYPD.
  • Women Participate in a “Slut-Walk” In An Attempt to show the Rapist that they’re not Scared, And Possibly even Catch the Rapist.
  • “Fantastica” (One of the Justice League Members) Is Attacked by the “Soho Rapist” .
  • It’s Revealed that the “Soho Rapist” May have infiltrated the Justice League.
  • Amaro Confronts The Man That His Wife had Lunch With (And Throws in a few puches as well.)
  • The Justice League attacks Henry. (The Leader of “The Justice League” /local restaurant owner.)
  • The NYPD Finds Locks of  hair In Henry’s Car. (The Rapist Cut Locks of his Victims Hair)
  • Stuart (The man that was with “Fantastica” When the supposed attack happened) Identifies Henry, as the Rapist.
  • Leslie (A.KA. “Fantastica”) Reveals that her and Henry Are Romantically involved, and that there was no way he could be the rapist.
  • It is Revealed that Henry’s Alibis Check Out, and the Locks Of hair were planted in his car.
  • Amaro Learns That his Wife Isn’t Having an Affair, But Instead is Seeing a Shrink.
  • It’s Revealed that Stuart Raped Leslie, and Framed Henry, So that Henry Would go to Jail, and he and Leslie Could be together.

Favorite Episode Quote(s)

1) “You Got Indian In You?   – Random City Worker


Law and Order: SVU Is A Great Show, That Always Keeps You Guessing Until The End. The Show has Gained Millions of Fans, and the Series Keeps Getting Better. I Highly Suggest you Watch it. Watch Law and Order: SVU Live: Wednesday’s at 10/9C. On NBC.

~ Scott R.


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