4/26/12 Episode Notes: “Community” “30 Rock” “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”

Posted: April 26, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in 30 Rock, Community, NBC, Parks and Recreation, Thursday Night
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Community- 3×17 “Basic Lupine Urology” 8/7c on NBC

  • A Yam is murdered.
  • They can get an “A” if they find out who did it. Troy and Abed begin the investigation.
  • Special “Law and Order” style intro.
  • Magnitude, Starburns and Todd are suspects.
  • Troy and Abed treating the dead yam like a dead person.
  • (This is exactly like a weird comical episode of Law and Order)
  • Starburns is interagated admits Todd did it and they agree to keep his stealing supply’s for a meth lab a secret.
  • Troy reads todd his own version of the Miranda rights. (I’ll post it when I rewatch)
  • And the trail begins….in the classroom… yes there is a solider present.
  • The science teacher is the judge.
  • Todd confesses under the pressure of Annie.
  • Jeff asks for a miss trial as he dosn’t think Todd did it.
  • “Were all fully grown adults failing a kindergarten project”- Jeff
  • Jeff uncovers the yam killing conspiracy….Neil did it and then confesses to it.
  • Starburns dies when his truck meth lap explodes after he is rear ended.
My Thoughts: 4 of 5
Coming off of last weeks “Dreamatroium” episode that might of been the best, Community pulled off a PERFECT comical rendition of “Law and Order” that is worth many rewatches.

30 Rock- “LIVE”- 8:30/7:30c (East Coast Version)

  • TGS cant afford to be live anymore, if they tape the show they will only have to work 2 weeks a year.
  • Kenneth against it belives live tv has more meaning. Gets meeting together of staff to defend his point.
  • 50’s and 60’s tv show spoofs ensue…(watch the episode!)
  • Ad- “Chattertons, cigarettes for your unborn child.”
  • Kenneth “look at all the great live moments, the moon landing.. The Voice results show”
  • Nazi Doctor in ad to sue Chattertons for damage done they smoking them. “Use the Anus in place of your mouth and call”
  • 60’s Apollo 13 news coverage… A time when women wouldnt dare be on tv.
  • Paul Jccartney & Jon Hamm make appearances.
  • Donald Glover plays a young Tracy.
  • Amy Poehler as a young Liz
  • Jimmy Fallon as a young Jack
  • TGS to stay Live after much debate. The massive about of product placements will cover the costs.
  • “Time Travel Fart Detectives” with Jenna and Tracy.
  • Paul proposes to Jenna live on TGS and Jenna says no.
  • Whole SNL Cast and Crew present for the end of the episode.
My Thoughts: 5 of 5
30 Rock pulled out ALL the stops for this one and the whole cast showing why they are some of the best. This will make my top 5 list of favorite episodes to watch over and over again.

The Office- 8×22 “Fundraiser” 9/8c on NBC

  • Andy is at the office… in the parking lot.
  • Everyone freaks out, convinced hes there for revenge.
  • “Everyone told me if I moved to America I’d be murdered” Nelly
  • At the Fundraiser, Andy faking to be ok with his firing.
  • “This guys having a breakdown”- Ryan
  • “Life is Downton Abbey”- Pam
  • When it comes time to ask for adoptions of the dogs, Andy “I’ll take that bitch home”
  • Andy takes all the 12 dogs… who are later adopted to some at the office.
  • Dwight wins all the prizes because he doesn’t no how a silent auction works… owes $34,000 .
3 of 5

Parks and Recreation- 4×20 “The Debate” 9:30/8:30c

  • Debate with Bobby Newport.
  • Chris, Tom on spin control while Ron, April and Andy in charge of the party.
  • Anne broke up with Tom. Chris then tries to get back with her.
  • At the debate Bobby is such an idiot he makes Leslie look bad.
  • At the party the cable wasn’t paid for so instead of watching the debate Andy is reenacting movies to all the guests. Ron proceeds to climb the pole singing songs while stealing cable.
  • The largest candy maker and employer in Pawnee threatens to move if Bobby doesn’t win.
  • “How do we fix this town? I have no idea”- Bobby Newport
  •  Leslie proceeds with an inspirational attack speech, effectively whooping Bobby.
  • “Holy Shit Leslie that was awesome!”- Bobby Newport

My Thoughts: 4 of 5

Ron stole the show with his singing while climbing the telephone pole and Leslie’s speech at the end just shows the many sides of the show and how these characters have grown on us. Lets hope parks is around for MANY more years!

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