4/26/12 Episodes Of: Missing, Touch, & Scandal

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Episode Notes:

  •  Becca Gets Taken To a CIA-Substation, for Questioning.
  • Becca Gets Questioned About “Operation Songbird”.
  • It Is Revealed that “Operation Songbird” Involved a Woman Who Agreed to Testify Against her husband, but only if she and her son (Maxim) are Re-United.
  • Michael and Oxsana Continue to Wait out the Train Ride.
  • It is Revealed that Azimoff Isn’t The Head of the Russian Smuggling Operation, But Instead he is Working for Someone Else (Possibly Paul?)
  • Michael Searches the Train To Look For A Radio/Phone Because Oxsana is in Dire Need for Insulin.
  • The CIA Begins To Question Martin About “Operation Songbird”.
  • Many Flashbacks of “Operation Songbird” are Presented.
  • Michael’s Captor (from The Compound) Spots him On The Train.
  • Michael Is Attacked by his Captor, But Ultimately Throws him from The Train.
  • The Train Slows To a Stop (In The Middle of Nowhere)
  • It’s Revealed that The Woman’s Son (From Operation Songbird) Was Azimoff’s Son.
  • It’s Revealed that the Insurance money that Becca Received for Paul’s Death Didn’t Come from An Insurance Company, But instead, It Came From A Numbered Account In Zurich (Possibly Azimoff?)
  • Michael and Oxsana Leave the Train And Make Shelter at an abandoned Storage Shed.
  • It’s Revealed That During Songbird, Maxim Was Convinced to Kill His Mother By An Unknown Person, And He Followed Through With It.
  • It’s Revealed That Maxim Is The Mysterious Sniper That Has Been Killing Becca’s Pursuers.
  • Michael’s Captor Finds the two in the shed, But Michael Ultimately Kills the Man.
  • Oxsana Begins to feel the Effects of her lack of Insulin.
  • The CIA Try To Locate Agent Zero (The Head of the Russian Smuggling Operation)
  • A Very Surprising Person Frees Becca From CIA Custody, But Kills A CIA Agent, To Ultimately Frame Becca.
  • Michael Attempts to Carry Oxsana To Safety.
  • Someone from Becca’s Past Begins to Follow her Down The Street.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You’re not a bad Mother Becs”     – Paul

2) “I Try To Make The World Safer”    – Becca


Missing Has Become one Of My Favorite Shows. It Is Filled With Suspense, Action, and Conspiracy. Missing Hasn’t Received The Ratings That It Deserves, And I Don’t Expect it to last Long, But I Highly Recommend it. Missing is a MUST WATCH. Watch Missing Live: Thursday’s at 8/7C. On ABC.



Episode Notes:

  • It’s Revealed that before Teller Died, He Gave Jake Something.
  • It’s Revealed that Teller Gave Jake His Pass Card, and a Mysterious Key With The Number “1188” On it.
  • Martin and Clea Learn That by Teller Giving Jake The Items, he was Leaving One Last Road Map (Connection)
  • Martin Learns That Teller’s Key Fits a Lock To The Location of Teller’s Research.
  • Jake’s Aunt Shows Up at The Facility.
  • Martin Learns That Teller’s Key Doesn’t Fit The Basement. (The Location That Teller’s Daughter thought the Research was)
  • Martin Is Told That he can access the Basement for $1,000.
  • Martin Learns that the Basement Contains an Illegal Gambling Operation.
  • It’s Revealed that Teller Gambled in the Basement, and only Betted on the Numbers “1188”  (Dead Mans Hand: Ace and 8)
  • Martin Hears From a Lady Named Stacey, That Teller Was Friends With a man Named Logan, Who Won Often at the Basement, and got her accused of helping him cheat, however he wasn’t cheating, And now She’s Paying back The $200,000 That he won.
  • It’s Revealed that Logan is a Math Professor.
  • Martin Learns that Abigail (Jake’s Aunt) Is at the Facility.
  • Abigail Files A Petition to Gain Custody of Jake.
  • Martin Goes to visit Logan, and discovers him Collapsed on the Floor.
  • Martin Calls A Friend Of Logan (By Checking Logan’s Recently Dialed Numbers) and the Friend Tells Martin That Logan is Diabetic.
  • Martin Gives Logan an Insulin Shot, and the Man begins to wake up.
  • Logan Makes a Deal With Martin: If Martin helps Win The $200,000 To Help Pay back Stacey, Then Logan Will Tell Martin The Location of Teller’s Research.
  • Martin and Logan Win The $200,000 and Give it To Stacey.
  • Logan Agrees to his end of the bargain, and tells Martin the Location of Teller’s Research.
  • Logan And Stacey get back together.
  • Martin Finds The door That the Key Fits (Door 1188) and Discovers Teller’s Research

Touch Is A Show That Is Starting To Lose My Interest, But As Of Now, I’m still an Avid Watcher and Fan. Touch Has Become Somewhat Boring, But The Series Still catches My attention at some points. I Recommend You Watch Touch; Overall It’s a Decent Show. Watch Touch Live: Thursday’s at 9/8C. On FOX.

Sidenote: These Episode Notes Only Cover The Main Story. This Episode Contains Two Other Sub-Stories, as well As The Main Story.


Episode Notes:

  • Amanda Reveals To Olivia That She Is Pregnant With The President’s Baby.
  • A Dictator Named Benicio Hires Olivia To Find His Kidnapped Family.
  • Olivia Tells Cyrus that Amanda Is Pregnant.
  • Amanda Tells Olivia That She Wants to Keep The Baby, And Go Public With the Story.
  • Cyrus Hires an Investigator to Dig Up Dirt On Olivia and the Team.
  • The Team Tries to find Benicio’s Family.
  • The Team Learns That Benicio’s Wife and Young Child Wasn’t Kidnapped, But Instead, They Ran Away to a Shelter.
  • Cyrus and The Staff Begin Reviewing Files on Olivia And The Team.
  • Olivia Tells Cyrus To Forget Settling With Amanda, Because They Plan on Going Public With The Story.
  • Cyrus Tells The President That Amanda Is Pregnant.
  • Olivia Schedules a DNA Test for Amanda’s Unborn Baby.
  • Olvia Brings Benicio’s wife Back To The Office.
  • Olivia Decide’s To Help Benicio’s Wife gain Asylum, And The Two Tell Benicio That Carolina (Benicio’s Wife) Is Leaving him.
  • Benicio Agrees To Let Carolina Leave, But Doesn’t Allow her to take the Children.
  • Gideon Continues To Work On The Amanda Tanner Story.
  • Olivia Convinces Benicio To Let Carolina Keep The kids (By Using a Hint Of BlackMail)
  • Amanda Talks To an Unknown Person Via Cell-Phone and Tells Them That She’s Out, She Can’t Lie Anymore (Could She Be Lying about Who The Baby’s Father is?)
  • Quinn and Gideon Begin to Spark up a {Romantic} Relationship.
  • Olivia Decides to go Forward With Amanda’s Case.
  • Amanda Is Kidnapped By an Unknown Person. (Could The President Be Behind it?)

Favorite Quote(s):

1) “Who Needs A Sex Tape, When You’ve got a Fetus Full of Presidential D.N.A?”   – Cyrus

2) “The Fairy Tale Is Over, You Have a Child To Consider.”   – Olivia


Scandal Has Also Become One Of My New Favorite Shows. Scandal Has: Action, Conspiracy, Black-Mail, Romance, And Even a Hint Of Comedy. Kerry Washington Does a Magnificent Job of Playing the Role Of  ‘Olivia Pope’. If YOu Haven’t Watched Scandal, You Don’t Know What You’re Missing. I Highly Suggest That You Watch This Show. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s at 10/9C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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