(4/29/12) The Killing- “Openings” Notes

Posted: May 1, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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  • Day 19
  • Terry is with Michael Ames having an argument because Michael wants to end the relationship.
  • Linden goes to see Stan Larsen and asks him “How long have you known she wasn’t you child?”
  • Mitch is bonding with Tina who is staying a her motel. She stops by Mitch’s place because her boyfriend kicked her out. Mitch then offers to let her use the shower. (Weird/creepy?)
  • Stan tells Linden that Mitch broke up with him for a few months and then came back to tell him she was pregnant. Stan says that he wouldn’t leave her even if Rosie wasn’t his.
  • Stan doesn’t know who Rosie’s real father is.
  • Linden tells Stan that Rosie was going through difficult times after she found out, and that Alexi was friends with her.
  • Stan says Rosie may have found out by looking through an old box that belonged to Mitch that she got from Mitch’s parents.
  • Stan lets Linden know that Mitch left.
  • Richmond is preparing for a TV interview to get back to campaigning.
  • Linden searches Rosie’s room (AGAIN?) only finds cigarettes and an ash tray outside her window.
  • Holder found the limo that went down to the ferry that night and the passenger was Michael Ames, Jasper’s father and he had on overnight bag with him.
  • “Rosie was sleeping with her boyfriends father, I don’t buy that” Linden 
  • Michael Ames also had a flight to Vegas that night and never got on, Terry was going to be the passenger.
  • Terry says that Michael canceled on her last minute and that she was supposed to pick him up from the ferry that goes to the Indian casino.
  • Rosie sent Michael Ames a text a few weeks before her murder “$5,000 I want the money or I’ll tell your wife”- (It is later revealed that Jasper sent it)
  • Linden is piecing together her board- (See top picture where I recreated it)
  • Linden- Rosie blackmailing Michael, the casino there meeting spot?
  • Michael’s Company is big supporters of Mayor Adams, they sponsored a fundraiser for him.
  • “Maybe the Mayor helped clean up his buddy’s mess and pin it on Richmond?” Linden
  • “Two birds, one rock”- Holder
  • Linden works on securing warrants for Michael’s phone records.
  • “If Rosie know Ames was her daddy how could she hook up with Jasper, he’d be like her half brother”- Holder
  • Holder/Linden go to see Jasper. He tells them Rosie wasn’t giving it up for anyone.
  • “Did anybody ever tell you your white?” Jasper to Holder
  • Rosie never slept with Jasper, hated her life.
  • Holder/Linden tell Jasper that Rosie may have been hooking up with his dad.
  • Richmond quotes Ted Wright in tv interview- (See last weeks notes where Jamie did)
  • Jasper angrily confronts his dad Michael about Rosie.
  • Stan is staking out Alexi’s place (Looks like rage)
  • More creepy bonding of Mitch and Tina.
  • Linden is pissed that the Michael Ames warrants are pulled.
  • Jasper admits to taking Rosie’s phone and the sending the text message to his dad as a joke.
  • Michael Ames was at the casino the night of Rosie’s Murder. And Holder/Linden can now no longer speak with him.
  • Linden is convinced Michael play a role…
  • Stan is at the cemetery when Alexi confronts him about Stan killing his father and about Rosie.
  • Alexi was going to kill Stan until he meet Rosie.
  • “Why am I still here, why are you still talking to me”- Stan
  • “Rosie saved your life Stan”- Alexi
  • Gwen is back to join the Richmond campaign.
  • Linden/Holder confront Michael’s wife at their party. She lets them know that they were in Indonesia at the time Rosie would of been conceived and the Jasper was even born there. Which now rules out Michael being Rosie’s father.
  • Linden what to put a tap on Ames’s phone.
  • Mitch is crazy…
  • At Linden’s place with Jack she finds a drawling of the lake on the fridge that she didn’t put their…..Freaks out and scrambles to see if the person is still around.. notices the door handle was unscrewed.
  • Mitch awakes to find that Tina robbed her. We also find out that she has the box that Rosie had found….with a letter from Mitch to “David Rainer” saying that he is Rosie’s father.
  • Linden/Jack are scared to be at home now and go to spend the night at Holder’s place.
  • At the Ames party the Mayor is meeting with the Indian chief from the casino.
  • Someone is staking out Holder’s place…….
Final Thoughts:
Its not a show for everyone, there are alot of suspects and questions that get answered with more questions. I personally love show, I love the depth of the characters and the stories. You don’t see on ANY other cop show that can do what this show is doing which makes the The Killing a very unique show to watch.

Next on AMC’s The Killing- Episode 2×07 Promo:

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