(5/2/12) Episode Notes: Revenge- “Absolution”

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Revenge 1×19 “Absolution”

Opening Quote:

“Absolution is the most powerful form of forgiveness, the full pardon from suspicion and accountability. Its the liberation of a stolen future, a future my father never lived to see. Absolution is a mercy the people who killed him will never know”- Emily Thorne

Episode Notes:

  • Winter in The Hamptons has Arrived.
  • Emily Goes To Check-Up On Charlotte, And Learns That Charlotte Is Trying to Find Information About Their Father, since No-One will tell her Anything About him.
  • Emily learns That (by Following David’s Wishes) Nolan has Been Keeping David Clarke’s Journal A Secret From Her.
  • Emily Begins to read her Father’s Journal, and Learns That A Person Named ‘C.M.’ was supposed to Present Evidence, That Would Free David Clarke.
  • Emily Learns That ‘C.M.’ Is Carol Miller, A Former Grayson Global Employee, Who died Shortly After David’s Death.
  • Charlotte Continues To Get Drugs From Adam.
  • All Of Daniel’s Charges Are Dropped, and He Is Freed From Prison.
  • Victoria Approaches Mr. Mcgowen (An Officer of the SEC) and states that she Would Like Immunity For The Information She Is About to Provide. (Info Linking Conrad to the Terrorist Plot)
  • Daniel Returns To Grayson Manor.
  • Ashley Gives her Resignation Notice To Victoria, and States that Mr. Brooks Has offered Her A Public Relations Job, at his Firm.
  • Emily Goes To A Local Hospital To Find Carol Miller’s Death Certificate. Emily Learns That Carol Miller Faked Her Death, And Changed her name to Carol Thomas.
  • Emily Goes To Visit Carol (While Posing as a Homeland Security Agent) and Begins To Question Her About David Clarke.
  • While Questioning Carol, Emily Learns That Nolan Is Carol’s Nephew.
  • It’s Revealed That Carol Was Going To Present The Evidence That Would Free David, But Didn’t Have a chance, Because He Died In a Prison Riot.
  • Carol Reveals That A ‘White-Haired Man’ had 2 Off The Record Meetings With Conrad.  The First Was One Day Before The Plane Crash, and the second Was The Day of David’s Death. (Could he Be The Mastermind of The Terror Attack?)
  • Jack Tells Daniel About His Involvement In The Murder Of  Tyler, And Suggests To Daniel That Victoria/Conrad Set Up Lee.
  • Declan Alerts The School That Charlotte is in Possession of Prescription Pills That Don’t Belong To Her. Charlotte Is Suspended, And She Tells Declan That His Tuition (That’s Being Paid For By the Grayson’s) is Going to Be Discontinued.
  • Mr. Brooks Revokes Ashley’s Job offer, Because He Learns That She is the one who Leaked The Photo’s Of Daniel.
  • The SEC Obtains a Warrant To Seize Everything at Grayson Global. Conrad Gets Called In For Questioning.
  • Daniel Decides To Do An Interview.
  • Conrad Tells Daniel The Truth About The Prison Beating,  And The Truth Behind Lee’s Confession/Death
  • Conrad  Tells Daniel The Truth About What Happened To David Clarke.
  • Daniel Confronts His mother About Lee, and the Prison Beating, But She ‘WithDraws’
  • Conrad Gets Ashley a New Lexus GS, and Offers Her a Job at Grayson Global.
  • Victoria Takes Charlotte To David Clarke’s Grave, only To Learn That Someone Has Already Been There and left a Rose.
  • Daniel Assumes His Role at Grayson Global.
  • Emily Swears To Find The Man That Murdered Her Dad.
  • Emily Learns That The Mysterious ‘Gray-Haired Man’ May be the man That Killed Her Father. (But Where is he now?)
End Quote:
“Absolution is a washing away of sin, a promise of rebirth and the chance to escape the transgressions of those who came before us. The best among us will learn from the mistakes of the past while the rest seem doomed repeat them. And then there are those who operate on the fringes of society unburdened by the confines of morality and conscience, a ruthless breed of monsters who’s deadliest weapon is there ability to hide in plain sight. If the people I’ve come to bring justice to can not be bound by the quest for absolution then neither will I”- Emily Thorne

Favorite Quotes:

1) “Occupy Daniel was Even Trending on Twitter”   – Dianne Sawyer


Wow, There’s Not Much To Say About This Episode Of Revenge, Except For The Fact That It Was Completely Awesome! I Wasn’t Expecting All Of The New Twists That Were Thrown Into This Episode. I Must Admit, This Was By far the Best Episode of the Season. Next Week’s Episode Should Be Even Better Than Tonight’s Episode. Revenge is a MUST WATCH. Watch Revenge Live: Wednesday’s at 10/9C. On ABC


These notes only touch upon what was revealed in this key, edge of you seat episode. This was one where everything is staring to come out and you were hit with so much information and suspense that it felt like more then just one episode. This is one to re-watch again and again.

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