5/3/12 Episodes Of: Missing, Touch, & Scandal

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Episode Notes:

  • The CIA Begins to look For Becca.
  • It’s Revealed That Maxim is Working with A Corrupt CIA Agent.
  • Michael and Oxsana Continue Their Journey to Find Civilization.
  • Michael And Oxsana Are Able To Obtain a Vehicle. They Drive Away To Find Safety.
  • Becca Asks Giancarlo To Meet Her.
  • Michael And Oxsana Arrive At a Town, and Michael Takes Oxsana to A Local Hospital.
  • Becca Gains Back Gioncarlo’s Trust and He Removes his Wire. (He was planning on Leading The CIA To Her Location)
  • Dax gets a Phone Call From The U.S. Embassy, and Learns That Michael is at a Hungarian Hospital.
  • Giancarlo and Becca Go To A Church, Where Azimoff is Having Some Sort Of Meet.
  • Martin Makes His Way To Hungary, To Pick Up Michael And Oxsana.
  • Becca Discovers Paul In The Church’s Cemetery. Paul Says That He Was Working Undercover Against Azimoff, But His COver Was Blown.
  • Paul Says That He Is Meeting With Azimoff  To Deliver the Bonds. Once Azimoff Has The Bonds, He’ll Release Michael.
  • Martin Picks Up Michael and Oxsana.
  • Just as Paul Is About To Give Azimoff The Bonds, Becca Bursts in and tells Paul That Azimoff Doesn’t Have Michael.  A Shootout Occurs, and Becca, Paul, and GionCarlo End Up in a Secret Tunnel Below The Church.
  • Michael Learns That His Mom Is a CIA Agent.
  • A Standoff Involving Maxim, Azimoff, Becca, Paul, and Giancarlo Occurs. Maxim Shoots Azimoff, But Everyone Else Is Unharmed.
  • It’s Revealed That Martin Is Suspect Zero, And He Was Behind The Kidnapping of Michael. Now He Has Michael In Custody Once Again.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “It’s Not as Bad as it looks”   – Michael


Missing Is Getting Better and Better! Tonight’s Episode Had Numerous Twists In it. I Am Still a Huge Fan Of the Show, And I Am Hoping That It Makes Through The First Season, and Hopefully into a Second Season. I Highly Recommend This Show. Watch Missing Live:  Thursday’s at 8/7C. On ABC


Episode Notes:

  • Jake Begins Making Patterns Using Yarn.
  • While Watching a Live Video Wall Of Paris, Jake Makes a Connection Between A Woman in Paris, And Her Mother (Who Is Watching The Live Wall) There’s Only One Problem: The Woman’s Mother Died 21 Years Ago.
  • Martin Attempts To Find The Woman’s Mom, and Bring her back to The Video Wall.
  • By Following a Lead To the Woman’s Mother, Martin Finds a Woman Named Nandu, Who He Believes Is Veronique’s (The Woman From The Paris Video Wall) Twin Sister.
  • Veronique Sees Her Sister For The First Time Via  The Video Wall.
  • Martin Asks Veronique/Nandu About the number 1604. (A Number That Jake Wants Martin to Make A connection With)  They Say That It’s The Number on Their Father’s Medallion.
  • It’s Revealed That Veroniques Dad Couldn’t Afford to Take Care Of Both Of The Children, So He Gave Her To a Doctor, Who in turn Sold Her On the Black Market.
  • Martin finds The Twin Sisters’ Dad And Tells Him About Veronique
  • Martin Confronts The Doctor Who Sold Veronique on The BLack Market, and the Doctor Gets Arrested.
  • All Of The Proper connections are made.
  • It’s Revealed That Clea Is No Longer on Jake’s Case.

Touch Has Lost My Interest Completely. I Find The Show to Be Dull and boring Each Time I Watch it. The Show Has No Variety In The Episodes. Watch Touch Live: Thursday’s at 9/8C. On FOX.


Episode Notes:

  • The Team Learns That Amanda Has Gone Missing.
  • Olivia Gets involved With the Investigation of a Plane Crash. (She is Trying to Prove that The Plane Crashed  Due to a Mechanical Error, Rather than Wrong-Doing by The Pilot.)
  • Huck Suspects That His Trainer From The CIA Is Behind the Kidnapping of Amanda.
  • Olivia Speaks To Lori’s (The Pilot) Husband, And Learns That Lori was a former alcoholic.
  • Huck Reveals That Amanda Is Dead.
  • Olivia Confronts The President About The Death Of Amanda Tanner, But He Claims That He Has No Knowledge About What happened.
  • Olivia Suggests to The President, That Cyrus Has Something to Do With The Death Of  Amanda Tanner.
  • Olivia Does An Interview and Sets The Facts Straight About The Plane Crash. She States That Lori Was not to blame.
  • Olivia Asks Huck To Find Amanda’s Body.
  • The Team Learns That the Last Inspection of The Crashed Plane Was Forged.
  • Huck Breaks into His {Former} Trainer’s House and subdues the man. He Begins To Question Charlie (The Trainer) About The Location of Amanda’s Body.
  • Cyrus Tells The President That A BlackMail Letter Has Arrived. It’s Not From Olivia nor Amanda, So Who is it From?
  • Olivia Tells Davis The location Of Amanda’s Body, And it is Retrieved
  • The Team Learns That a Secretary Forged the Mechanic Report, Because she Had So Many That Had to Be Filed, and She Didn’t Want to Miss her Daughter’s Recital.
  • The President Decides To Leave the White house, To Go Visit Olivia.
  • It’s Revealed That The President Was NOT The Father Of Amanda’s Baby.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Playing Dumb Doesn’t Suit You”  – Olivia


Scandal Is One Of My New favorite Shows. This Series Always Has conspiracy, Blackmail, Drama, And Even A Little Comedy. Kerry Washington Does a Great Job Playing the Role Of  Olivia Pope. If You Haevn’t Yet Watched Scandal, I Highly Suggest You Do So. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s at 10/9C. On ABC.

~ Scott R.

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