Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (5/2/12 Episode)

Posted: May 3, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC
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Episode Notes:

  • 911 Dispatchers get a Call From a 3 1/2 Year old Boy; He says that his mom is “Asleep” and Won’t Wake up.
  • Benson and Amaro Arrive at the Boy’s house, and Discover his Mother Laying on the Floor, unconscious.
  • The SVU Learns That Grace (The Boy’s Mother) Sustained A Head Injury, and She has a Large Gash on the back of her head.
  • Geoff (grace’s Husband) Arrives.
  • The SVU Tries to find the location of Cate (Grace’s Daughter)
  • The SVU Learns That Cate has been using the school library to learn about her Father and Siblings. (Her Father Was a Sperm Donor)
  • Grace gets Released From The Hospital.
  • The SVU Gets a Hit on Cate’s Debit Card (She Paid $24 at a Coffee Bar) They Learn That Cate was Meeting With Her Biological Father.
  • Cate Gets Taken to The Station.
  • The SVU Learns That Donor 141 (Cate’s Biological Father) May have Hundreds of kids.
  • Amaro and Finn Go To Visit Ashley Riggs, One of 141’s Other Daughter’s. Ashley Also had a Meeting with 141.
  • Ashley Claims That 141’s Name Is Dr. Baker, and that he is one of the most famous doctors in New york.
  • It’s Revealed that Ashley Has a Baby, Named Brendan. The SVU Suspect that the Baby Might belong Dr. Baker
  • The SVU Finds, Who they Believe To Be Dr. Baker. The man’s Actual Name Is Dr. Colin Barnes. The SVU Brings him to the Station For Questioning.
  • Dr. Barnes Is put in a lineup, but none of his daughters Recognize Him. (are they Protecting him, or Was their Meeting With someone posing as Barnes?)
  • The SVU Learns That The Girls were meeting With A Mysterious Man, Who Was Posing as Dr. Barnes.
  • The SVU Learns that the Mysterious man Seduced The Girls By learning about their Interests (Such As Running Marathons) And Exploited those Interests.
  • The SVU Learns That Ashley’s Baby Belongs to The Mysterious Man.
  • The SVU Confirms That Barnes Is Donor 141, But That He Isn’t The Father Of Ashley’s Baby. (Who is this mysterious man posing as Barnes?)
  • Barnes Tells The SVU That a Man Named Phillip Kelly Could have a Motive to Pose As Him.
  • Taylor (Barnes’ Daughter) Is In A Hotel Room Dancing With A Mysterious Man. (Could this Be The Barnes Poser?)
  • Barnes Alerts The SVU Of Taylor’s Disappearance. The SVU Finds A Classical Song That was E-Mailed To Taylor By “Cyrano”. Barnes’ Wife Reveals That She Dated a Man in College, Who Always wanted to Dance To That Song. His name Was Sean.
  • It’s Revealed That Sean May be Posing as Barnes To get Revenge.
  • Sean Texts Anne and Says That They Need To Meet, If She Doesn’t Come, He Says That She Will never See Taylor Again.
  • Sean Gets Taken Into Custody For Questioning, but Says That He Will only Talk To Anne.
  • Sean Reveals That He Was Posing as Barnes, so That The Donor Kids Would know the feeling of Fatherly Love.
  • Sean Agrees To Tell The Location of Taylor, But Only if He’s Allowed to Speak To Anne.
  • Sean Tells Anne That He Killed Taylor, And Refuses To Tell The Location Of The Body.
  • The SVU Finds Taylor Alive and Unharmed in Sean’s Hotel Room.
  • It Appears That Sean “Brain-Washed”  Taylor Into Believing that he was her Father.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “My Little Brother Watches Too Much ‘Cyber-Chase'”  – Cate


Law and Order: SVU Is A Series That Never Fails To Keep Me Interested. The Show Continually Keeps You Guessing Until The Very End. Many Might Think That After 9+ Seasons, Law and Order Is a “Played-Out” Series, But That’s Not The Case. SVU Is A Great Show, That Continues To Depict Modern and Relatable Storylines. I High;y Suggest That You Check Out Law and Order: SVU. Watch Law and Order Special Victims Unit Live: Wednesday’s at 10/9C. On NBC.


~ Scott R.

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