5/3/12 Episode Notes: Community, 30 Rock, The Office and Parks and Recreation

Posted: May 4, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in 30 Rock, Community, Episode Notes, NBC, Parks and Recreation
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Community 8/7c on NBC

  • Alex Osborne- Star Burns left his will on a video. Wants Abed to film a documentary about him.
  • Britta offers her services as an unlicensed grief counselor.
  • Chang wants increased security follow Star Burns death.
  • Troy can’t handle death at all.
  • Annie want to put on a memorial.
  • Biology class is canceled after there teacher resigns following Star Burns death. Dean informs the group they will have to take the class all summer long now.
  • The group is MAD
  • Greendale host a memorial
  • Jeff speaks the truth about Greendale and Burns says he did what they couldn’t do, get out!
  • Annie tries to say nice things but ends up talking trash about Greendale. “Our school’s flag is an anus”
  • Even Shirley cant say nice things. Mad that they are failing a class due to a technicality and mad that instead of her sandwich shop they got a Subway.
  • Pierce “Lets burn this mother down!”
  • Riot then ensues. Chang’s kid army step in with riot gear.
  • Subway threatens to leave because of the “Greendale 7”
  • Group and Dean hatch a plan to pin it all on Chang.
  • Dean tries to fire him….. but then there are 2 deans???
  • At the school board meeting Jeff tries to defend everyone but Chang shows up and bribes them with cookies. Jeff tries but fails to explain Chang is crazy.
  • “You are here by expelled, may god have mercy on your souls”
  • Back a Troy/Abed’s place the group thinks back to “Remedial Chaos Theory”
  • “What if this was the worst timeline”- Abed
  • Jeff/Annie share a glance.
  • And it ends with Abed’s documentary on Star Burns……

30 Rock 8:30/7:30c

  • Queen of Jordan 2
  • Angie now a fashion designer.
  • CIA captured a spy and will exchange for Jack’s Wife Avery.
  • Tracy call Liz a “Sex Maniac”
  • Jack says Clinton has a “Sex Plane”
  • Dianna to Jenna “I suggest you go back to what ever Florida bath room you crawled out of”
  • Dianna forgetting they are being filmed say they should keep what happened between them.
  • Jack/Dianna try to defend and spin that.
  • Avery should be back in a few days.
  • Tracy “I love my wife but more then that I want to do nothing”
  • Jenna keeps trying to get involved with drama to keep the camera on her.
  • Liz is upset that she might be bad with babies.
  • Tracy tries to comfort her but Liz freaks out and say there is no reality in reality tv.
  • Jack/Dianna are forced to open a restaurant to keep the cover up going. They end up kissing on camera. Jack is then force to kiss Liz to let everyone know that how he is.
  • Tracy didn’t show up to Angie’s fashion show and claims he did it all so they could have a massive fight on camera.

The Office 9/8c

  • Jim coaxes a manly fight between Gabe and Dwight.
  • Andy is back visiting Erin and sticking around all day.
  • Brighton Branch closed and now all the clients are up for grabs.
  • Robert who got way too drunk the night before to celebrate his divorce left a phone message for Nelly an get remember any of it. Gets Pam to try and find out what he said.
  • A person from the Syracuse branch stops in because they are taking clients that should go to them.
  •  Robert shut down the Brighton branch without a transition plan.
  • Andy overhears a fight about a big client from the branch and races out to nab them for himself.
  • Jim/Dwight run to get the client before the Syracuse branch.
  • Andy get the client for his own paper company “Big Red Paper Company”
  • (Yes the exact plot line of the “Michael Scott Paper Company”)
  • Nelly to Pam “Robert is a filthy beast”
  • Andy tries to blackmail Robert for his job back, Robert responds “Im the Fucking Lizard King”
  • Andy reaches out to an old friend to try and convince him to buy dunder mifflin
  • “Robert is gong to run the company into the ground”

Parks and Recreation 9:30/8:30c

  • One more day to close the gap on Bobby Newport.
  • SS Knope- The campaign bus.
  • Andy is in charge of security and even gives everyone code names. And begins the man hunt for someone who threw pie.
  • Leslie has perfected her speech and Ben knows the timing too well.
  • Leslie jokes at Bobby Newport’s dad Nick only to find out publicly he died early that day.
  • “I need everyone to gather in order of how much I trust them”- Leslie
  • Annie tries to get the campaign stopped and Leslie to apologize to Bobby for the comments made about his dead dad.
  • Accidentally drives campaign bus into the middle of a reporter crowded memorial, crashes into a painting of Nick.
  • Chris can’t be alone with his thoughts or he’ll go to a dark place.
  • Leslie apologizes to Bobby who then admits his dad was jerk.
  • Andy finds out Ben and not Leslie was the target of the Pieing
  • Bobby steals Leslie’s heart felt story and uses it as his own. Then unknowingly (him being stupid) gets people to vote for her.
  • Chris sleeps with Bobby’s campaign manager.
  • Sewage Joe who Ben fired was the pie thrower, he get Ben before Andy nabs him.

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