5/6/12 Episodes Of: Once Upon A Time & Harry’s Law

Posted: May 7, 2012 by Scott R. in ABC, Episode Notes, NBC
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Once Upon A Time

Episode Notes:

  • Regina has A Startling Dream Where Everyone In StoryBrooke Remembers Their Past.
  • Regina Has Yet To Notice Henry’s Disappearance.
  • Henry Stops Emma From Leaving StoryBrooke.
  • The Events Following Prince Charming’s Kidnapping by King George are Revealed.
  • Regina Learns That Her Apple Tree Is Dying (Just Like in Her Dream) She Thinks  It’s a sign That The Curse Is Weakening, Due To Emma’s Presence.
  • Mr. Gold Suggests To Regina That She Should “Take A Trip” Because Once The StoryBrooke Citizens Remember Their Pasts, They’ll Be Seeking Vengeance. (Could Regina’s Dream Come True?)
  • Regina Summons Jefferson For Help, And She Ultimately Gives Him Back His Magical Hat.
  • Regina asks Jefferson To Use His one Last Time, To Travel Back To Their Land, and Retrieve Something That Will help Regina Get Rid of Emma.
  • Henry Visits August And Asks Him To Once Again Try To Convince Emma Of The Curse’s Reality.
  • Augusts Tells Henry That Emma Doesn’t Want To Believe, He Also Reveals That More Of His Body Is Becoming Wooden.
  • Archie Tells Emma That She And Regina need To End Their Feud, So That Both Of Them Can Be In Henry’s Life.
  • Regina Takes Jefferson To The Location Of her Remaining Magic, In Attempt to Get The Magical Hat To Work.
  • Regina And Jefferson Learn That There’s Not Enough Magic For Jefferson To Return To Their Land, However There Is Enough Magic For Regina To Reach In And Bring a Small Item Back From Their Land.
  • Regina Chooses An Item To Bring Back: An Apple That Would Defeat Emma.
  • Regina Decides To Bake An Apple Turnover, In Attempt To Get Emma To Eat The Deadly Apple.
  • Emma Goes To Regina’s House, In An Attempt To Solve Their Feud.
  • Emma Tells Regina That She’s Leaving StoryBrooke on 1 Condition: She Still Gets To Visit Henry.
  • Regina Sends The Deadly Apple Turnover With Emma, So that She Can Eat it On The Road.
  • Emma Tells Henry That She’s Leaving StoryBrooke.
  • Henry Spots The Apple Turnover, And Tries To Warn Emma That It’s Poisoned.
  • Emma Doesn’t Believe That The Turnover Is Poisoned, So Henry Eats it To Prove That The Turnover is Deadly. Henry Collapses On The Floor

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You No Longer Have Anything That I Want, Dearie”   – Gold

2) “What The Hell Is Wrong With You?”   – Mary Margaret

Once Upon A Time Has Made a Killer Impact in It’s First Season. Once UPon A Time Has Been Raved About Since It’s First Episode; The Show has Even Been Featured on The Cover Of Tv Guide Magazine. Once Upon a Time Really separates Itself From The REst Of The Tv shows Currently Airing. I Highly Recommend This Show. Watch Once Upon A Time Live: Sunday’s at 8/7C. On ABC.

Sidenote: Be Sure To Catch The Season Finale Of Once Upon A Time, Next Wednesday.

Harry’s Law

Episode Notes:

  • C.K. Tells Harry That Malcolm Is In Jail.
  • Harry Learns That Malcolm Was Arrested For Burglary. Malcolm Claims That He Was Let Into The Building, and Was Investigating a City Councilman’s Office.
  • Phoebe Asks Adam To Help Her With A Case. A Man Named Tony was Once an Art Thief and a Painting That He Stole Years Ago, Has Lead Police To Him. Tony is Facing extradition To The U.K.
  • Malcolm Tells Harry That He Was Trying to Get Little D (One Of Harry’s Former Clients) A New Trial, after He was sentenced to Execution.
  • Malcolm Explains That He was Investigating The Councilman’s Office Because The Cop That Little D Killed Was Dirty. The Cop, Little D, And The CouncilMan Were all involved In Some sort Of Real Estate Insurance Scam.
  • Little D Tells Harry His Side Of The Story. He Says That The Cop Payed Him To Burn Down a Building. When Little D Went To Get His Money, The Cop Shot at Him, So Little D Shot Back In Self Defense.
  • Harry Agrees To Take Little D’s Case.
  • The Firm Begins To Suspect That Dubois-Grace (A Real-Estate Investment Company) May Have Been Involved With the Insurance Scam.
  • Phoebe Decides To Call Loyal Customers Of  Tony, To Testify In His Extradition Case.
  • Little D Is Put On The Stand, And He Tells The Same Account of Events That he Told Harry.
  • The Councilman Agrees To Tell Harry What He Knows About The Insurance Scam.
  • The Councilman Is Put On the Stand, And He Confirms That Dubois-Grace Bribed Him To Get Rid Of The Building, and He In Turn Hired The Dirty Cop To Burn it Down.
  • Little D’s Motion For a New Trial Is Denied.
  • Adam and Phoebe Win Their Extradition Case.
  • Adam And Phoebe Share a Romantic Moment.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You Are Damn Lucky They Let You Out Malcolm.”   – Harry

2) “I Like The Way She Thinks.”  – Harry

3) “Oh I Rattled Him, I Know That.”  – Harry

4) Look, End Of The Day, I’m Just a Pretender.”  – Tony

5) “The Question Is: What Are We?”  – Harry

6) “And You Simply Made My Day.”   – Tony

Harry’s Is an Off Beat Comedy/Law Series. Imagine Law and Order With Random Bits of Comedy Thrown In, and You’ve Got Harry’s Law. Kathy Bates Does a Great Job Playing The Role Of Harry Korn. I Highly Enjoy The Series, And I Suggest You Watch it, If YOu Haven’t yet Done So. Watch Harry’s Law Live: Sunday’s at 8/7c. On NBC.

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