Is NBC Just Using Its Veteran Comedy’s to Launch New Shows?!

Posted: May 7, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in 30 Rock, Community, NBC, Parks and Recreation, Thursday Night
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Its a question that I have been wondering after Deadline has reported that NBC is in talks to renew “30 Rock” for a short (likely 13ep) final season and also reports that “Community” and “Parks and Recreation” could also see short seasons if renewed.

If the veterans all get short seasons that would leave the schedule wide open to launch new series in hopes of digging themselves out of the downward ratings spiral.

Every veteran shows is down considerably in the ratings compared to last season, whats surprising is that “Parks” could get a short season since its doing very well in contrast to NBC’s other shows. The “30 Rock” news is no surprise given that the show is heading into its 7th season.

A look at the numbers:

30 Rock– 1.54 average VS 2.3 last season

Parks and Recreation– 1.84 average VS 2.4 last season

Community– 1.58 average VS 1.9 last season

The Office– 2.79 average VS 3.7 last season

What do you think, will you be just happy if they get renewed or mad that they will with less episodes?


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