5/6/12 Episode Notes: The Killing “Keylela”

Posted: May 9, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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  • Day 20 since Rosie’s Killing.
  • Linden knows the drawling that was put on her fridge was a message from some who knows something and knows alot about the investigation. Holder tries to reassure her.
  • Ray uncovers that Rosie’s voice mail could of been from a construction site based on the background sounds and Linden suspects it come for inside the casino.
  • Richmond campaign tires and fails to get Stan to read a statement supporting the campaign. He later accepts only to get people talking about Rosie again and offers $12,000 to anyone who finds the her killer.
  • Linden leaves Jack alone at a hotel even though she suspects someone is following/watching them. Tell him stay put.
  • (Jack reminds me of Carl from The Walking Dead who never stays put)
  • Linden suspects Rosie saw something while filming butterflies around the Indian reservation.  Holder heads to the casino to look for the construction site.
  • Linden practically admits shes a shitty mom to Holder.
  • At the casino a very suspicious maid eyes Holder.
  • Linden head into a restricted part of the island and finds out its a sacred Indian burial ground when the Chief confronts her. Linden lets her know that she knows Rosie was at the casino, the chief then warns/threatens Linden about looking any further.
  • Holder tries to get a prostitute to take him to the construction site. Go looking on his own and finds the 10th floor locked. Runs into the maid who tell her she hopes Rosie got her backpack back ok and then takes off.
  • Linden tries to call Holder to warn him to get out of the casino. He doesn’t answer.
  • Stand learns why the police were questioning Terry, kicks her out in a furry.
  • Child Protective Services show to to Linden’s due to a complaint of her neglect of Jack. He escapes out a window here Sarah meet he and they drive off.
  • Holder gets caught snooping and get handcuffed and taken to the wood to meet the Chief.
  • The Chief is defiantly a part of Rosie’s killing, practically admits to Holder and says Linden was lucky to get the warning unlike him. Holder is getting a beating when Linden calls and she can just hear the sounds of him getting beat in the background.
  • Holder is being chocked and blood coming out of his mouth…….will find out next week what happened to him………..
Is Holder alive or dead is the question going into the next episode.
On the next episode Sunday May 13th Promo:

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