5/9/12 Episode Notes: Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23

Posted: May 10, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in ABC, Apt 23
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  • June and Chloe are broke.
  • Beek launches a jean line with the tag line “Put your Cheek in a Beek”
  • “If you want your ass to rock your plums gotta pay the price”- Beek
  • June want to sell her home mad jam and teams up with Chloe who instead gets Eli to film them for a fetish site.
  • June is pissed.
  • Her jam is confiscated by Eli who is also a health inspector and not just a pervert.
  • Beek has a giant billboard that gets put next to one for meatballs (watch this show!)
  • Robin want Chloe as her friend offers June money in exchange for access to her.
  • Beek is unexpectedly making all kinds of money from the billboard.
  • June admits to Chloe she she sold her to Robin for money is she is not mad but impressed with her scam.
  • Eli takes a bath in Junes jam……
This show continues to impress me with its crude hilarious humor and is a must watch on Wednesday nights along with Revenge.

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