5/9/12 Episode Notes: Revenge “Legacy”

Posted: May 10, 2012 by Scott R. in Revenge
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Episode Notes:

  • The Story Goes back to 2002.
  • (Amanda is a badass!)
  • It’s Revealed That Conrad Recieved a Letter From Someone posing as David Clarke. (8 Months after His Death.)
  • Conrad hosts a new year’s eve party, and Invites People That he suspects to be the culprit of the letter.
  • Amanda Returns To The Hampton’s, after David’s Death.
  • Has a brief run in with Jack but hide her identity.
  • It’s revealed That amanda Read David’s Journal, upon her return to the Hamptons.
  • It’s Revealed That Lydia and Michael Once Lived With The Grayson’s Because David’s House Wasn’t For Sale. (The Grayson’s Secretly Owned it)
  • It’s Revealed That Amanda Got a Catering Job at the Grayson Party, To Get Info On Victoria And Conrad.
  • It’s Revealed that while catering, Amanda Ran Into Someone From Her Childhood: Mason Treadwell.
  • While at her Catering Job, Amanda Runs into Roger Halstead, David Clarke’s One True Friend, Who Could prove his innocence.
  • Amanda Confronts Roger Halstead, and He Confirms David’s Innocence.
  • Conrad Begins to Suspect That Roger Is Behind The Letter.
  • It’s Revealed That Lydia Lied At David Clarke’s Trial, Because of her love for Conrad.
  • It’s Revealed That Nolan And Jack Have met Before (In 2002) When Nolan was Caught Kissing Jack’s Girlfriend.
  • Victoria Reveals Her True Feelings For David, To Lydia. She Also Gives David’s Beachhouse To Lydia.
  • Amanda Learns That Roger Was Killed. (Most likely By Frank) and that Rodger was just about to reveal everything to her.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) ” I’m Not Afraid of these people, and you shouldn’t Be Either.”            – Amanda

From his Journal: “My dear Amanda in the pages that follow I’ve attempted to piece together the ruthless betrayal that brought about my false imprisonment and our unbearable separation. I hope this chronicle will one day provide you an understanding of what I believe happened to me. If im at all culpable for what happened to us Amanda, believing in the system rigged against me by the people I knew as friends in a life…because I gave away my trust too easily. Bill Harmon has been  a close associate to the Grayson’s for years….. Rodger Holstad is a true friend…… I can’t claim to know Tom Kingsly very well…In prosecuting the case against me its clear that he buried evidence on behalf of the Grayson’s”- David Clarke


Aaron- Coming off last weeks intense episode this was a much calmer one. Little but important details are revealed to help you further to understand how and where Amanda’s revenge began. I found the episode very enjoyable overall.

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