5/10/12 Episode Notes: Awake “Say Hello To My Little Friend”

Posted: May 11, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Awake, NBC, Thursday Night
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  • At a carnival with Rex and Emma, Michael sees a suspicious man and is about to bungee jump when he awakes in his other reality with his wife.
  • Michael is working a crazed murder investigation.
  • He goes home goes to sleep and doesn’t switch realities. He is trapped in the reality with his wife.
  • Michael is concerned that the reality in which his son is alive is in fact a dream and all off the sudden has to deal with the lose of his son Rex.
  • A suspicious guy that was in the Rex reality show up on the his current one, Michael is hallucinating.
  • Michael is seeing the guy everywhere and is speaking to him, but he is not real.
  • Michael thinks he has something to do with the murder investigation.
  • Vega think hes losing it.
  • Michael begins have recurring day dreams back to the accident. He is slowly remembering more…
  • Michael find the murder Rolan and arrests him. He tells him and Vega that he cant control the thoughts in his own head and feels like he was dreaming when he committed the murder.
  • Michael is completely trapped in the reality with his wife and begins to lose it.
  • While trying to speak with Emma’s father to get him back in her life he runs into the Real suspicious guy. Causes an accident in process of trying to chase him down.
  • Keep dreaming back to the accident…
  • It is revealed that the guy is Ed Hawkins a cop that is partnered with is old partner Burt.
  • Ed was first on the scene of Micheal’s accident. Michael suddenly remembers him.
  • Michael now feels completely responsible for Rex’s death. His wife doesn’t blame him at all and tries to comfort him.
  • Chief suspends Michael and want him to take time to grieve. Michael quits and goes to Rex’s gave site to apologize.
  • Ed keeps showing in hallucinations.
  •  Michael removes the band from his wrist knowing that he is now trapped in reality.
  • He goes to apologize to Emma’s father and tries to convince him to speak with his daughter who has been living with him and Anna.
  • Michael dreams back to the accident and remember someone was following them and slammed into them causing the accident… I was Ed Hawkins.
  • Michael awakes back in the reality with Rex at the carnival.
  • He calls Dr. Evans and tells her there was no accident and that another cop was trying to kill him….

Final Thoughts:

This episode is heart pounding suspense the whole time. I was on the edge of my seat while watching as the conspiracy is really unfolding now.

Next on Awake May 17th promo:

Another MUST SEE episode!

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