5/10/12 Episodes Of: Missing, Touch, & Scandal

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Episode Notes:

  • It’s Revealed That Martin Is The Head Of The Smuggling Operation, He is Suspect Zero.
  • Becca, Giancarlo, and Paul try to Escape The Tunnel. Maksim Stays Behind.
  • Maksim Is Killed By Violet.
  • Becca and Paul Escape the scene on a police Motorcycle. Giancarlo Stays Behind.
  • Giancarlo Surrenders Himself To Violet, But She Shoots him Anyway.
  • Giancarlo Is Barely Alive, and Is Rushed to The Hospital.
  • It’s Revealed that Violet Stripped Azimoff/Maksim Of Their Phones. (possibly to Protect Martin.)
  • Dax And The Team Learn That Violet Shot Maksim While he was on The Ground. (Will The CIA Learn the Truth About Violet?)
  • Becca and Paul Set Out To Get Michael Back.
  • An InterPol Agent (Susan) Arrives at the CIA Sub-Station, and Informs Dax That She Is Bringing Interpol Jurisdiction To The Investigation.
  • Martin Calls Violet and Tells Her to make sure that Giancarlo doesn’t Talk. (Is She Going To Kill Him?)
  • Martin Takes Michael and Oxsana To Bulgaria (Near the Turkish Border)
  • Martin Learns That Becca and Paul are in Bulgaria.
  • Dax and Violet Visit Giancarlo In The Hospital, While there, Violet Tampers With Giancarlo’s Medicine Dosage.
  • Dax Learns That Becca Wasn’t Lying about the Tanker Train.
  • It’s Revealed That Giancarlo Died. (Due to the Tampering of his medicine Dosage.)
  • Martin Takes Michael And Oxsana To a “Business Asscociates” House, to Wait For Becca To Pick Them  Up. (Or at least that’s what he told them)
  • Becca And Paul learn that Martin Is Trafficking: People, Heroin, and Guns. (And Much More.)
  • Upon Arrival At the Turkish House, Oxsana Spots one of her Former Captors.
  • Martin Learns That Oxsana Recognized the man, and told her that If she tells Michael Anything, They’ll Both Be Killed.
  • Martin’s Henchmen Won’t Let Michael And Oxsana And Michael Go for A Walk. Michael Wants To Confront Martin About The Situation, But Oxsana Convinces  Him To Leave it Alone.
  • Dax Learns That Violet is  the mole and has her Arrested. Dax Asks Violet About the Location of Martin, But she Says Nothing.
  • It’s Revealed That Giancarlo isn’t Dead.
  • Becca and Paul Begin To Follow Martin’s Passport Courier.
  • Dax Learns That the Tanker Train Is emitting Small Amounts of Radiation.
  • Becca And Paul Follow The Courier to a Parking lot. They Learn That Martin Has Set Them Up By Putting their Car In The Parking Lot, and Planting it with some sort of Illegal Item. The Police Begin Surrounding the Parking Lot. (What can Becca and Paul do?)
  • Paul Creates a Diversion So That Becca can Escape. Paul Gets Arrested, And Becca Escapes the Police.
  • Dax Learns That The Train Is Empty, He Once Again Feels Lied to. Dax Doesn’t Know that Martin Had The Radioactive item Shipped to The Turkish House.
  • Martin Tells His Henchmen That If Becca Doesn’t Come For Michael Before They Leave the Turkish House, Then he wants The Two Of Them (Michael and Oxsana) Killed. Martin Lies and tells Michael That Becca Is On Her Way, To Pick him Up.
  • Paul is Sent To a Turkish Prison.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1)  “We Need To Trust Each Other, Becca.”   – Paul


Tonight’s Episode Of  Missing Was {As Usual} Magnificent. This Episode had A Great Deal Of Action. The Story Is Really Beginning To Progress. Missing Is A Great Show, That has an “Easy-To-Follow” Plot. I Would Highly Recommend This Show.



Episode Notes:

  • Jake Begins To Use Numbers to Make a Musical Tone, Via An App for His Tablet.
  • A Woman Gets Burglarized by a Young Teenager. Upon His Exit From The Woman’s Store, The Teen accidentally Drops His Gun In The Alley.
  • Unknown By Martin, Jake Picks Up The Teen’s Gun, and Brings It Home. While Making a Sandwich, Martin SPots Jake Holding The Gun. (What Can He Do?)
  • Martin Wrestles The Gun From Jake, and Learns That It Isn’t Loaded. He Also Notices that the Gun’s Serial Number is 55124, Which is the Same Number That Jake’s Been entering in the Numbers To Music App.
  • Clea Begins Looking Through Teller’s Research, and Begins Talking to Teller’s roommate.
  • Jake Takes Martin To The Location Where he found the Gun. Martin And Jake Run Into The Teen Burglar, Who is Looking for the Gun.
  • The Teen (Elliot) Tells Martin That his Brother Doesn’t Talk Either, and Was Wondering If Jake Could Teach him How to Talk Through Numbers.
  • Martin and Jake Go To Elliot’s House, and the Brother Begins Using Jake’s Numbers To Music App.
  • Martin Learns That Elliot Is Living Alone, and Taking Care of His Handicapped  Brother (Andre)
  • Andre Begins Using Jake’s Numbers To Words App To Tell Elliot that he is Hungry.
  • Elliot is Threatened By A Mysterious Man. Martin Witnesses it and Asks Elliot about the Situation. Elliot Doesn’t Tell Martin Who the Man Is Or What he wants. (Could This man Be forcing Elliot To Steal Things?)
  • Martin Calls Elliot’s Aunt and leaves her a message. He Tells Her That The to Boys are living Alone, and that they need a Guardian.
  • Martin Learns That Elliot is On Probation. Elliot’s Probation Officer’s Address is 42155. (Jake’s Number Written Backwards.)
  • Martin Goes to Visit Elliot’s Probation Officer.
  • Martin Spots A Man That Worked at The Woman’s Shop, That Elliot Robbed. He Learns That Elliot’s Probation Officer (Mr. Tenney) Is Corrupt. Martin Convinces the Man To Expose Tenney’s Corruption.
  • The Man Reveals That Tenney Hired Elliot To Rob the Woman’s Store.
  • Elliot Attempts To Rob The Lady Again (Under Tenney’s Instruction). He Steals Her Purse, But Ultimately Gets Arrested.
  • Elliot’s Aunt Receives Martin’s Message, and Heads To The United States.
  • Elliot Sets Up Mr. Tenney, So That the Police can Catch The Corrupt Probation Officer. Tenney Gets Arrested.
  • Elliot and Andre’s Aunt Moves in with the Two Teens, and Becomes Their Caretaker.
  • All Of The Proper Connections are made.

This Episode Of  Touch {Like All of The Others} Was Dull and Repetitive. I have Really Begun To Dislike The Series. I Don’t See How The Series Managed to Get Renewed for A Second Season, But I Really hOpe That Season 2 Is Better Than This Season.  I recommend You Watch Touch, Only If  There Is absolutely Nothing Else On Television. Watch Touch Live: Thursday’s at 9/8C. On FOX.


Episode Notes:

  • The President Asks Olivia To Listen To The Sex Tape.
  • The Story Continues to Jump From Present Day, back to 2010.
  • It’s Revealed That Olivia Went On Fitz’s campaign Trail, To Help out Her Friend {Cyrus}.
  • Quinn And Gideon Spark Up an Intimate Relationship.
  • More Of The 2010 Campaign events are Revealed.
  • It’s Revealed That Olivia Strengthened The President’s Marriage, back in 2010.
  • It’s Revealed That in 2010, Billy Worked With Fitz’s Opposing Candidate.
  • It’s Revealed That in 2010, Mellie May have been Having an Affair.
  • It’s Revealed That Billy Once Asked Olivia To Join Sally’s (Fitz’s opposing Candidate) Campaign.
  • It’s Revealed That Olivia Picked Huck Off Of The Street, To Help With Fitz’s Campaign.
  • It’s Revealed That Mellie’s Lover Is an Adult FIlm Star.
  • It’s Revealed That Fitz Fell In Love with Olivia During the campaign.
  • Gideon Continues to Work On His Story About Amanda Tanner.
  • Mellie Uses A Fake Miscarriage Story, To Gain The support of the Voters.
  • Gideon Gets A Lead On Amanda’s Boyfriend.
  • It’s Revealed That The Sex Tape Is Of Fitz and Olivia.
  • It’s Revealed That Billy Is Amanda’s Boyfriend, He is most likely the father of her baby.
  • Gideon Goes To Question Billy About His involvement With Amanda. Gideon Suggests That Billy Sent Amanda In To Sleep With the President.
  • Someone Gets Stabbed In The Neck WIth Scissors. (Who Do You Think It Was?)

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I’m Apolitical”  – Olivia

This Episode Of Scandal Was Not As Impressing as the Rest of the Episodes during this season. I Found The Episode to Be Dull, Until The Last 10 Minutes. This Episode Did Introduce new Facts Though. Overall The Episode Was Good But Not Great. Watch Scandal Live: Thursday’s at 10/9C. On ABC.

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