Law And Order: Special Victims Unit (5/9/12 Episode)

Posted: May 11, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC
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Episode Notes:

  • Finn’s Future Son-In-Law (Alejandro) Gets thrown into a van, taken to an unknown Apartment, and Brutalized. (It was A Hate crime, Because Alejandro Was Gay)
  • The SVU Learns That There’s Another Victim, Who’s Attackers Did The Same Thing To Him, as What Happened To Alejandro. The Man’s Name Is Flaco. (Could it have been the same Attackers)
  • Finn Gets Removed From The Case, Due To Personal involvement.
  • The SVU Visits Marisol’s (Alejandro’s Cousin) Apartment. Her Boyfriend Hangs out With a Gang Called The ‘Bx9’. A Gun Is found in Marisol’s Apartment.
  • Marisol’s Boyfriend (Cesar) Is Taken In For Questioning. Marisol Is Taken In As Well.
  • Cesar Gives Up The Names Of  The Other Attackers. Both Victims Positively ID all of The Suspects.
  • Another Man Is Thrown Into A Van And Brutalized.
  • The Man (Rick Simms) Claims That He Isn’t Gay, and Says That he was Beaten, But Not Sexually Assaulted. He Wasn’t Taken to An Apartment Either. (The Other Two Victims Were Sexually Assaulted and Were Taken To An Apartment)
  • The SVU Goes To Visit Rick Simms’ Wife. They Are Currently separated.
  • Rick’s Wife Claims That he Isn’t Gay, But For Some Reason He Quit His Job as a Math Teacher, 3 Weeks Ago.
  • The SVU Goes To Visit The Headmaster of The School, Where Rick Worked.
  • The Headmaster Doesn’t Talk To The SVU, But Rick’s Supervisor (Joanne Parsons) Looks Like She Had Something to Say, But Doesn’t say it.
  • Rick Says That He Was Called Into The Headmaster’s Office, and Was Told That a Student had Made An Accusation Against Him. Rick Claims That He Has No Idea Who The Student Is Or What The Accusation was.
  • The SVU Begins Talking to Families Who’s Children Go To The School Where Rick Worked. They Do This In An Attempt to Find The Student Who Made The Accusation.
  • Finn And Rollins Go To Talk To A Man named Ray, Who’s Son (Luca) Attends The School Where Rick Worked.
  • Ray Admits To the Beating Of Rick Simms. He Says That He Did It Because Rick Molested his Son Luca.
  • The SVU Begins To Question Luca About His (Alleged) Ordeal.
  • Rick Gets Charged With Sexual Assault of A Minor.
  • Rick Claims That He Did Not Sexually Abuse Luca.
  • The SVU Asks Natalie (One Of Luca’s Teachers) About The Abuse, Since She Was The First Person that Luca Told.
  • The SVU Also asks Joanne About The Abuse, Since She Is The Person That Luca/Natalie Brought The Complaint To.
  • Natalie And Joanne Tell The SVU What Luca Told Them About The Abuse. Their Accounts Differ From The Story That Luca Told The SVU.
  • The SVU Begins To Suspect That Luca Is Lying About Some Portion Of The Abuse. (But Why?)
  • Luca Shows Up At The Station To Tell The Truth About His Abuse. Luca Says That Joanne Parsons Made Him Have Sex With her. He Knows Details About her House, etc.
  • The SVU Obtain A Search Warrant For Joanne’s House. The SVU Confirms The Detail That Luca Told Them About Joanne’s House.
  • Joanne Is Taken In For Questioning.
  • During Questioning, Joanne Faints.
  • The SVU Go To Linden Academy (A School Where Joanne Previously Taught.) To Try To Get More Info About Joanne.
  • The Headmaster At Linden Academy Said that Joanne Resigned, When One Of Her Fellow Instructors Got Married. (Could Joanne Be Lesbian?)
  • Joanne Attempts To Kill Herself, But Fails. She Is Put On Suicide Watch At a Local Hospital.
  • It’s Revealed That Joanne And Natalie Were Romantically Involved. Luca Seduced Natalie and Stole Her Away From Joanne. Natalie Is The One Who Told Luca The Details Of Joanne’s House.
  • Natalie Is Brought In For Questioning. She Denies Everything.
  • Alejandro Is Still In The Hospital Due To his Hate Beating, And He Just Had an Emergency Surgery. Alejandro Is in A Coma. (Will He Wake?)
  • Luca Locks Himself In The School Biology Lab and Takes Natalie Hostage.
  • Someone Gets Killed In the Hostage Situation. (do You Think it was Luca Or Natalie?)
  • Alejandro Remains In A Coma.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “The Best Predators Blend In”    – Benson


Tonight’s Episode Of SVU Had Me Guessing Until The Very End. This Episode Was One Of The Best Ones That I’ve seen. Tonight’s Episode Even Guest Starred The Actor Who Plays as Michael (From Awake). This Episode Of SVU Definitely Had Me Interested Until The End Credits Appeared. I Highly recommend You Watch This Episode As Well As Many more to come. Watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Live: Wednesday’s At 10/9C. On NBC.

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