5/12/12 Episode Notes: The Firm “Chapter Sixteen”

Posted: May 12, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Episode Notes, The Firm
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  • Abby is having having a hard time dealing with here kidnapping/Andrews death and is now taking pills to help her cope.
  • Abby doesn’t want to relive the the details to Mitch and he is worried.
  • Alex who sees the photos of Andrews body for the first time is very shocked by them.
  • In a flashback which there were many of it is revealed that Alex is the one that got Andrew to first speak with Mitch about joining the firm so they could get the Sarah Holt case.
  • The case against Stack begins again..
  • There can be no mention of the stolen hard drive in the case, it all hinges on Abby now.
  • Abby speaks about her torture and how Stack was present with her and gave the orders to one of his soldiers to kill Andrew.
  • Alex tries to spin the case by claiming that Abby was so distraught from the torture that she could be imagaing that Stack was there.
  • Abby then admits to the self defense killing of her kidnapper.
  • Mitch is shocked that Abby couldn’t talk to him. She openly blames him for pursuing that case and what ended up happening to her. Says that her and Ray went along to help because they love him so Mitch isn’t entirely responsible.
  • Abby wants to go see her parents with Claire to get away from it all. Tells Mitch that she is not leaving him and that shes loves him and will be back.
  • Ray admits that he knew about the water boarding from Tammy.. Mitch and Ray get into a battle. Ray says he should go after Abby and not let her leave like that.. Mitch storms out.
  • Stack goes on the stand against Alex’s wishes. He is trying to get the court to believe he was never even there with Abby.
  • Mitch gets Dianna to question him about the SOA a medical organization that Abby’s kidnapper was part of.. He admits to being a member which opens up the court to use the Hard Drive as evidence now.
  • One of Stacks SOA guard buddies free him from holding and Mitch see him and follows him. Mitch alerts his Ray he suspects he is following Stack.  One Stacks men sees him and kidnaps him.
  • Now at an airport hanger Stack lets Mitch know that he believes he saved Sarah Holt by offering her the job as a killer.
  • Stacks believes human dignity should come first, not saving a life when the costs are too great to bear. Says his killers were soldiers on a mission.
  • The guard that freed Stack is loyal to him and not talking. Ray then uncovers his ex wife is in the country illegally and uses it as leverage to get Stacks location from him.
  • Stack tells Mitch he never took a dollar he helped to save. The mission is all about stopping foolish spending. 
  • “Every dollar we waste stops someone from getting the care they need”- Kevin Stack
  • Stack refers to him self and his soldiers as “True Healers”.
  • “We kill to save, we end one to save one hundred”- Kevin Stack
  • (Yep hes nuts!) 
  • Which is why he wont kill Mitch because it wont benefit anyone, the mission is over.
  • Mitch tells Stack that we believe in miracles and everyone should be allowed to live regradless of cost. No one should be killed like that.
  • Police surround that hanger and Stack threatens to kill Mitch if they enter.
  • Stack commits suicide…..
Final Thoughts:
Another heart pounding edge of your seat episode. As much as I would of wanted to see Stack brought down in court his suicide is great justice. He is a character you love to hate right from the start (Shaw From Chuck) and his death means that one monster from these awful killings is finally out of the picture. The promo for next week’s episode it appears that Alex will be next one as Mitch and Ray try to do their best to bring her down.
The Firm Saturday’s 9/8c on NBC

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