5/13/12 Episodes Of: Once Upon A Time & Harry’s Law

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Once Upon A Time

Episode Notes:

  • More Of The Events Following Charming’s Capture By The Queen are Revealed.
  • Henry Is Rushed To The Hospital (After Eating The Deadly Apple Turnover)
  • Emma Remembers Her True Past, and Becomes a Believer of the Curse.
  • Emma Confronts Regina and Learns The Truth About the Apple Turnover.
  • Regina Tells Emma That She Doesn’t Know How The Curse Will Affect Henry.
  • David asks Mary Margaret to Take Him Back, But She Refuses.
  • Emma And Regina Go to Seek Help From Mr. Gold. (Can He Save Henry?)
  • Mr. Gold Tells Emma And Regina That “True Love” Is The Only Thing That Can Break The Curse That has Stricken Henry. Mr. Gold Says That He Has A Bottled Sample Of The “True Love” Potion.
  • Mr. Gold Says That Emma Has To Be The Person To Find/Retrieve The Bottled Potion Of “True Love.”
  • Mr. Gold Reveals The Location Of The Potion. He Says That It’s Located Inside Of “her”. “Who Is This Mysterious Woman That He’s Referring To?)
  • Mr. Gold Also Gives Emma Her Father’s (Prince Charming) Sword. He Says She’ll Need It Where She’s Going.
  • Jefferson Confronts Regina About Upholding Her End Of The Bargain. (Re-Uniting Jefferson And His Daughter) Regina Says that Since Emma Didn’t Eat The Apple, The Deal Is Void.
  • Emma Visits August For Help With Henry’s Situation, But Discovers That He’s almost Completely Wooden. She Asks August how To Stop His Transformation, And He says To Do That, She Must Break the Curse.
  • August Turns Completely Wooden.
  • Emma arrives At The Location Of The Mysterious Woman, But Learns that It’s No Ordinary Woman, But Instead It’s a Dragon Like Creature. Emma Must Slay This Creature and Retrieve The Bottled Potion From Inside of it, To Save Henry. (Will Emma Be Able To Complete The Task?)
  • Henry’s Heart Rate Plummets. Jefferson Is Then Shown Walking Out Of The Hospital Dressed as A nurse. Along the Way, He Causes A Nurse To Collapse. {Apparently By The Use Of Magic} (Could Jefferson Have Used Magic To Hurt Henry?)
  • Jefferson Helps Gold’s True Love (Belle) Escape From The Mental Institution (Where Regina Locked Her away.) Jefferson Tells Belle To Go Find Gold and Tell Him That Regina Locked Her Away. (He Says That Gold Will Protect Her.) Jefferson Tells Belle That He Needs Her Help Woth Something He Can’t Do Himself.
  • Emma Successfully Defeats The Beast And Retrieves The “True Love” Potion.
  • Emma Gets Stuck In The Hand-Operated Elevator (That She Used To Get To The Beast’s Location). Apparently Regina Has Abandoned Her.
  • Mr. Gold Arrives at The Elevator and Tells Emma To Toss Up The Potion, Since She Can’t Climb Up The Elevator Shaft and Carry The Potion at the same Time. Emma Tosses The Potion Up To Mr. Gold.
  • Mr. Gold Leaves Emma In the Elevator Shaft (After She Tosses Up The Potion). Once Emma Clibs up and Exits The Elevator Shaft, She Discovers Regina Tied Up With Duct Tape Covering her mouth. Mr. Gold Has Tricked and Manipulated Both Emma And Regina.
  • Emma And Regina Get a Call From The Hospital. Once Emma And Regina Arrive At The Hospital, They Learn That Henry Has Died.
  • Belle Arrives at Mr. Golds Shop and Tells Gold That Regina Locked Her Up. Gold Promises To Protect Her. She Still Doesn’t Remember Her Past, However.
  • While Still in Shock About Henry’s Death, Emma Kisses Henry On The Cheek. True Love Prevails and Brings Henry Back To Life.
  • It’s Revealed That Emma’s Kiss Not Only Broke Henry’s Curse, But It Also Broke The Curse That Was Affecting Storybrooke. Ultimately, Everyone Remembers Their Past.
  • David and Mary Margaret Remember Their Past, And Ultimately Re-Unite.
  • Belle Remembers Her Past As Well.
  • Mr. Gold Throws The True Love Potion Into A Local Well. He Does This To Bring Magic Into Storybrooke. Doing This will Make Him (And Possibly Regina?) Powerful.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Well It’s Storming Like A Bitch, where Is It?”  – Emma

2) “Luckily For Us, You’re Not Normal.”   – August

3) “He {Henry} Dies, So Do You.”   – Emma

4) “Magic is Power”   – Mr. Gold

Tonight’s Episode Of Once Upon A Time Was Great. Everything Really Came Together In This Thrilling Season Finale. This Show Continues To Separate itself From Every Other T.V. Show.


Harry’s Law

Episode Notes:

  • Ethan and His Brother Jared Are Involved In A Car Accident.
  • Ethan Calls Cassie To come To The Scene.
  • Cassie Arrives To The Scene and Finds Ethan Unharmed, But Jared Is Still Stuck In The Car. (Firemen Are Using the ‘Jaws Of Life’ To Get Him Out of the Car.)
  • It’s Revealed That Ethan Is an Old Friend Of Cassie.
  • Harry Goes To Court to Hear The Verdict of One of Her Clients Who Is Suspected of Raping and Murdering a Young Woman.
  • Jared Is Freed From The Car and Rushed To The Hospital. He Has Numerous Broken Bones and Possibly Internal Bleeding.
  • It’s Revealed That Jared Needs A Blood Transfusion. However, The Hospital’s Blood Supply Is Depleted and The Nearest Source is 3 Hours Away. Jared Can’t Last 3 Hours, he Needs The Blood Now.
  • Ethan offers To Donate His Blood, But The Doctor Says That He Would have to Be tested, Which would take 48 Hours. Ethan Says That He Was Tested for STD’s 3 Weeks Ago, And The Report Came Back Clean. The Doctor Says That Untested Blood Is Usually Not Accepted, But In This Extreme Case, He’ll Allow it.
  • The Doctor Asks Jared What Prompted Him To Get Tested For STD’s. Ethan Says That Since He’s Gay, He Gets Tested Yearly. The Doctor Then Informs Ethan That Since He’s Gay, It’s Illegal For Him To Donate Blood.
  • Harry’s Client (Collin) Is Found Not-Guilty On All Charges. The Ruling Angers The Victim’s Brother, and he Draws A Gun in The Courtroom.
  • Two Guards Draw Their Guns On The Brother, But Then The Victim’s Father Points a Gun At The Guards, Forcing Them To Surrender.
  • The Victim’s Brother Begins Holding a Make-Shift Second Trial In The Courtroom.
  • The Hospital Informs Cassie And Ollie That If Ethan Has Ever Had Sex With Another Male (Which He Has) then Federal Laws Prevent Him from Donating Blood. Since The Hospital Continues To Refuse Ethan’s Blood, Ollie Arranges A Hearing.
  • The Make-Shift Trial Begins. The Brother Begins Questioning A Detective About The Suspect’s Past. Surprising and Incriminating Facts Are Revealed.
  • The Brother Finishes His Quesioning Of The Detective, Now It’s Harry’s Turn.
  • Phoebe Arrives at The Scene Of The Hostage Situation, But Isn’t Allowed In The Courtroom. She Begins To Worry About Adam’s Safety.
  • Harry Begins Questioning The Detective. The Victom’s Brother Continually gets Angry, but the Judge And Harry Are Able To Calm Him Down.
  • Ollie and Cassie’s Hearing Begins.
  • Collin Is Called To The Stand, In The Make-Shift Trial.
  • Collin Claims That he and the Suspect Argued, But He Never Raped/Murdered Her.
  • The Firm (Along With a Detective) Set Up A Skype Session With Harry, Who is Still in The Courtroom.
  • The Judge Rules On Ethan’s Case: He Allows Ethan To Donate The Blood.
  • The Jury Makes Their {Second} Decision in Collins Make-Shift Trial. They Find Collin Not Guilty On All Charges. (Once Again.)
  • After Hearing The Verdict, The Victim’s Father Begins Threatening the Courtroom With His Weapon, But His Son Convinces him To Lower The Weapon.
  • The Father Raises His Gun To His Head, But Before He Can Pull The Trigger, His Son Shoots Him In The Knee-Cap.
  • The Police Enter The Courtroom And Arrest The Father and Son.
  • Ethan Donates His Blood, and Saves Jared’s Life.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I Miss The Days When I Was Between The Ages Of 18 And 49”   – Harry

Tongiht’s Episode Of Harry’s Law Was By Far The Best Of The Season. It Really Was More Exciting That The Rest Of This Season’s Episodes. Tonight’s Episode Even Guest Starred Shane From Amc’s: The Walking Dead. I Highly Enjoyed Tonight’s Episode.

Sidenote: Next Week Is The Season and Most Likely Series Finale of Harry’s Law. NBC Has Officially Cancelled The Show, and Unless The Finale Gets Extremely High Ratings, or NBC Has A Change Of Heart, Next Week Will Be The End Of Harry’s Law.

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