5/13/12 Episode Notes: The Killing “Off The Reservation”

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Episode 2×08

  • Day 21
  • Linden’s search for Holder is denied, she fights back for partner and end up going off to search on her own. Thankfully the police force does show up as Holder’s location is blocked by the Chief and her men.
  • They are searching for Holder blind since his phone dosn’t have GPS.
  • (Everyone in show needs to upgrade their phones now!!!)
  • Holder is found nearly lifeless, unconscious, beaten to a pulp but ALIVE on the ground against a tree. He is taken to the hospital.
  • In the hospital Holder’s sister gives Linden a pack of matches he wanted her to have immediately . In the matches its says “11 AM Tomorrow”. Linden shows up to the location, it is the Indian girl who found Rosie’s backpack at the casino and also worked with her.
  • It is revealed that Rosie wasn’t a prostitute but a maid/waitress working under the table of the casino.
  • (Everyone got that one wrong)
  • Its is also revealed that the Ammonia Hydroxide found on Rosie’s body is is cheap powerful cleaning chemical they use at the casino.
  • The Girl admits that the Chief controls everything & everyone at the casino and admits that she is not someone you would want to cross with.
  • It is revealed that Rosie was not working the night of her murder but was seen at the casino that night heading to the locked construction site on the 10th, a place they sneak up to and smoke.
  • The Chief had taken everyone’s keys just after Rosie’s murder.
  • (The chief just became prime suspect number one)
  • Richmond admits to Mayor Adam’s that he knows about the faked traffic cam photo, thus revealing that the Mayor tried to make Richmond a suspect to force him to loose the election.
  • Mayor Adam’s is worried.
  • Linden blows off Stan Larsen after he ties to give her the tips he’s been getting after announcing a reward to find Rosie’s killer.
  • Linden is forced to give up her badge and gun after disobeying orders to not go the casino. As she’s leaving shes spots Rosie’s casino key in evidence.
  • The Mayor is in talks to do a joint venture with the Indian chief on his “waterfront” project, the only thing going for his campaign. The Richmond campaign wants to take the project from him.
  • Linden arrives back to Holder’s place to find the police searching it and Jack is gone. She finds he down at the docks.
  • Linden is sending Jack away to stay with his father. Holder shows up at the airport to say goodbye after Jack had called him.
  • Jamie finds a gun in Richmond’s desk.
  • Linden and Holder head to the police station to sneak Rosie’s casino key from evidence so  they can search the 10th floor for themselves.
Final Thoughts:
What a suspenseful episode as we impatiently waited to find out Holder fate. Sarah Linden’s character really showed alot depth and a side of her we haven’t seen as she fought to get a search going when Holder was missing. I rooted for her and she now feels more down to earth and that we as viewers can finally connect with her. A lot of very important details were revealed and we can finally say for now that the Indian Chief  played a huge role in it all. I along with many of you have gotten rather bored with the campaign story but am careful not to dismiss little details as I feel that in the end its all going to connect back to Rosie.
This episode got a 0.5 demo rating up vs the previous episode’s 0.3 For comparison Mad Men at 10/9c got at 0.7
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