5/16/12 Episode Notes: Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23

Posted: May 17, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in ABC, Apt 23
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  • June and spring cleaning, Chloe is going to Paris.
  • Chloe misses plane and comes back, catches June masturbating in the tub. (to Soy Latte Guy)
  • Chloe tries to introduce June to casual sex.
  • “You don’t have to marry everyone your attracted to, some guys are just for sex.
  • June goes out with Soy Latte Guy, Charles.
  • Chloe offers to show June her sex tape with Beek to give her some pointers. June Realizes that while cleaning she gave away all the dvds to the church.
  • Church sold the tape for ten grand. Beek gets a call that tape is out.
  • Beek speaks with June’s mom about the tape and advises has that releasing the tape could be good publicity for his Dancing With The Stars appearance.
  • Beek is showing the tape to Robin to use her as a focus group to get an opinion on his sex tape.
  • June has casual sex with Charles (Soy Latte Guy) and Chloe awards her with a “Casual Sex Kit”.
  • June is having a hard time keep it casual and promises to end it.
  • “Turns out publicists are behind 85% of all celebrity sex tape leakage”- Beek
  • Beek and Chloe try to reshoot some scenes before releasing the tape to the public. They cant because they care for each other now.
  •  Chloe gets June and Charles broken up. June cant do casual sex.
  • “Feelings ruin everything”- Chloe
  • The sex tape is released but but is up staged in the press by Prince Harry.
  • “I cant believe is was upstaged, its like Katrina all over again”- Beek 

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