5/16/12 Episode Notes: Revenge “Grief”

Posted: May 17, 2012 by Scott R. in ABC, Revenge
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Intro Quote:

“They say grief occurs in five stages. First there’s denial followed by anger then comes bargaining and depression. For Most the final stage of grief is acceptance but for me grief is a life sentence without clemency. I will never accept and I will never forgive not even after the man who killed my father lies dead at feet”- Emily Thorne

Episode Notes:

  • Amanda Begins Her Search For The White Haired Man.
  • While Watching Conrad in His Office (Via Live Video Feed) Amanda Sees The White Haired Enter Conrad’s Office.
  • Amanda Plans To Create a Reason For The White Haired Man And Conrad To Meet Again.
  • Amanda Learns That Daniel Plans To Use Their Wedding To Repair The Image Of Grayson Global.
  • Daniel Gives Jack Pay-Off Money To Keep Quiet About the Grayson’s Hiring Of Lee Moran.
  • Victoria Goes To See Conrad at his Manhattan Apart ment and Conrad Suspects That Victoria Called The Feds on him. She Denies It.
  • While Visiting Conrad’s Apartment, Victoria Discovers Lydia In The Apartment With Conrad.
  • Amanda Decides To Send Conrad a Video Of Her and Daniel Sleeping. This Will  Make Conrad Think That The White Haired Man is Spying On Daniel, Which Will Cause Conrad & The Man To Meet.
  • Amanda’s Plan Works, And Conrad Sets Up A Meet With The Man.
  • Amanda Leaves For Conrad’s Meet But Is interrupted by Daniel And Ashley. (Who Are Planning The Wedding.)
  • Amanda Tells Nolan To Go To The Meet.
  • Victoria Tells Lydia That She Is Turning Conrad into The FEDS In Exchange for Immunity. Victoria Tells Lydia That she Has Asked The FEDS To Do The Same For Her. (Will Lydia Accept The Offer?)
  • Victoria Destroys a Forged Painting That She commissioned and Passed On To Conrad. Inside Of The Painting Is incriminating Evidence Of Conrad’s involvement In The Plane Crash.
  • Nolan Arrives at The Meet, and Afterwards Follows The Man To His House.
  • Nolan Texts Amanda The Man’s Address.
  • Amanda Arrives At The Address But Learns That Nolan Gave Her The Wrong Address. Nolan’s Aunt Is At The House, and Tries To Convince Amanda To Let The Grayson Situation Go.
  • Nolan Goes Inside  of  The Man’s House, Posing as a Cable Installer. He “Fixes” The Man’s receiver. (He Puts a Camera In The receiver)
  • Conrad Arrives Home and learns That Victoria Took The Incriminating Evidence.
  • Amanda Arrives Home and Discovers Sammy. He Appears To Be Injured.
  • The Grayson’s Engage in A Family Therapy Session.
  • Sammy Passes Away, and Amanda/Jack Bury Him.
  • After The Death Of Sammy,  Amanda and Jack Share a Kiss. Ashley Witnesses This Kiss.
  • Victoria Hands The Evidence Over to Daniel, Because If She Gives it to The FEDS, Her and Daniel’s Relationship Would Be Over.
  • While Watching The Live Feed From Inside Of The Man’s House, Nolan Notices that the Time On The Live Feed Is Wrong. Nolan Is  Then Attacked By The Man.
Favorite Quotes:
“You look like a demonic succubus”- Conrad Grayson
“You don’t know what I am or what im capable of”- Emily Thorne
End Quote:
“They say grief occurs in five stages. First there’s denial followed by anger then comes bargaining, depression and acceptance but grief is a merciless monster. Just when you think your free you realize you never stood a chance”- Emily Thorne

Final Thoughts:

What an eyes glued to the tv episode. Emily Thorne  is very scary at times.  When Emily and Jack were sharing there moment with Sammy I was just screaming at the tv “Tell him everything!!” but that didn’t happen yet.

Tune in May 23rd 10/9c on ABC for the Epic Season Finale

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