Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (5/16/12 Episode)

Posted: May 17, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC
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Episode Notes:

  • A Young Woman Is Mugged, Thrown Into A Taxi, and Ultimately Abducted.
  • Rollin’s Captain From Atlanta (Sam) Comes To Visit.
  • Sam Tries To kiss Rollins, But Is Rejected.
  • Rollins Sees The Young Girl Yelling For Help. as The Taxi Drives By. Rollins Attempts To Catch The Taxi On Foot.
  • Rollins Calls In The Location and Medallion Number Of Taxi, But Isn’t Able To Keep Up On Foot.
  • The SVU Learns That the Taxi Is Stolen.
  • The Girl’s Mother Files A Missing Persons Report . The SVU Goes to Speak To The Mother.
  • The Abducted Girl’s (Nina) Mother Says That Nina Called Her And Said That She Needed Money. Nina’s Mother Says that Her Daughter Sounded panicked.
  • The SVU Asks A Boy Named Joaquin  About The Location Of Nina, He Says That He Doesn’t Know Where Nina Is, But That Her BoyFriend’s Name Is Pablo. Joaquin Tells The SVU The Location Of Pablo.
  • The SVU Visits Pablo and Discovers Him Having “Relations” With a Girl Named Tiffany. Pablo Says He Broke Up With Nina 3 Moths Ago. Pablo Says That Nina Came Over The Night Before Wanting To Stay With Him, But He Said No. Pablo Says That Nina Used a Local Car Service to Get Home.
  • The Owner Of The Car Service Said That Last night, Nina Came To Rent A Car, But He Didn’t Rent Her One because She Didn’t Call Prior To her Arrival. The Owner Says He Saw Her Can Pull Up. He Assumed That She Got in it And Left.
  • The SVU Gets A Call From The Coroner and Is Summoned to Come Over Right Away. When The SVU Arrives, The Coroner Shows Them That She Just received a Freshly Severed Leg, With an Octopus Tatoo On It. (Nina Had an Octopus Tatoo On Her Leg.)
  • The Coroner Says That The Leg Was Severed While Nina was Still Alive, and That The Amputation Was Most Likely Done With a Surgical Saw.
  • The SVU Goes To Visit J.C., The Fisherman Who Reeled In The Severed Leg.
  • J.C. Reveals That He Found Another Severed Leg, 11 Years Ago.
  • The SVU Finds The 11 Year Old Leg In Evidence. They Then Get a DNA Match On it. The Woman Whom the Leg Belongs to is Still Alive.
  • The SVU Goes To Speak With The Owner Of The 11 Year Old Severed Leg.
  • The Woman (Lisa) Reveals That She let a Mysterious Man Amputate her Leg in Exchange for $25,000.
  • The SVU Begins To Think That the Suspect HAs Run Out of Willing Participants, So Now He’s Abducting Women and amputating Their Legs.
  • Nina’s Body Is found.
  • The SVU Begins To Suspect That Someone In Nina’s Life Kidnapped Her, Amputated Her Leg, And Killed Her.
  • The SVU Goes To Talk To A Man Named Seth. They Suspect That Seth Is The Person Who Did Some Of Nina’s Body Modifications. The Pointing of her Ears, To Be Exact.
  • A Canister Of Nitrous Oxide Is Found At Seth’s Bike Shop.
  • Seth Is Taken In For Questioning.
  • The SVU Goes To Visit a Dentist Named Gene Brightman. (The Serial Numbers Found On The Nitrous Tanks Lead Back To Him.) Gene’s Assistant (Jess) Calls The Dentist Up To The Front To Talk With The SVU.
  • Gene Reveals That Seth Was Dating The Receptionist Jess. When The SVU Go Back To The Front To Talk To Her, They Learn That She Is Gone.
  • Seth Reveals That Jess Is The Person Who Did The Ear Modification for Nina.
  • The SVU Searches For Jess At A “Freak Night” Event.
  • The SVU Apprehends Jess, and Notices That One Of Her Legs Is a prosthetic Leg.
  • Jess Is Taken In For Questioning and She Claims That She Had Nothing to Do With Nina’s Death.
  • Jess Reveals that She Lost Her Leg To Bone Cancer at The Age of 15.
  • The SVU Learns That a Dr. Hal Brightman (Who Is a Psychiatrist.) Has Been Ordering Propofol. (The Drug Used In The Amputations.)
  • The SVU Goes To Visit Hal.
  • Hal Says That The Order Came From His Prescription Pad, But That the Signature Wasn’t His. (Is HE Telling The Truth, Or is he Lying?)
  • It’s Revealed That Gene And Hal are Brothers.
  • Gene Is Taken In For Questioning. Gene Says That On The Night in Question, He Was At The Family Country-House, On A Date With a Man named Paul.
  • Gene reveals That Jess Was/Is A Patient Of Hal’s. He Also Reveals that Hal Is The Person Who Asked Gene To Hire Jess.
  • The SVU Learns That Hal Is Behind The Amputations, But They Lead Him To Believe That They Suspect Gene Of The Crimes.
  • The SVU Learns That Due To The Loss Of His Mother’s Leg in An Accident, Hal’s Trauma Became Sexualized, and That He believes that the Loss Of a Leg Makes a Woman Braver And Stronger. He Became Fixated on Amputations.
  • Hal Reveals That he Had Six victims, He Also Shows The SVU The Location Where He Performed The Amputations. Hal is Ultimately Arrested.

Tonight’s Episode Of SVU Was Very Unusual And Intriguing. I Had No Idea That the Episode Would Turn Out The Way That It Did. As Usual, This Episode succeeded In Keeping Me Interested. After 9+ Seasons, The Series Continues To Be Exciting, and It Continues To Grab My attention. I Would Highly recommend This Show. Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Live: Wednesday’s at 10/9C. On NBC.

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