Episode Notes:

  • It’s Revealed That Uranium Was The Item That Was Planted In The Whinstones’ Car.
  • Dax Gets A call From Becca. Dax Tells Her About The Uranium. He Says That he has No Leads on Martin. Becca Gives Dax The A dress Of a Cobbler That Made The Fake Passports For Martin.
  • It’s Revealed That The Cargo Train Was Emitting Enough radiation To Suggest That It Once Held Enough Radiation That Could Kill 50 Million People. (Where Did Martin Move The Uranium To?)
  • Michael Continues To Suspect That Martin Is Hiding Something.
  • Dax Arrives At The Cobbler’s House, Only To Find it Wiped Clean, and Empty.
  • Dax Visits Paul In Prison, and Brings Him a Gun To Help Him Escape. Dax Tells Paul That If He Makes It To The Front Prison Walls, Then Becca Will be Waiting For Him.
  • Paul Successfully Escapes From The Prison, and Re-Unites With Becca.
  • Dax Tells Becca/Paul That Violet Is Being Transported into The Country, Because She Has Intel On The Uranium Meet, and She Most Likely Knows The Whereabouts of Martin.
  • During Her Transport, Violet Crashes Her Transport Van and Then Flees The scene.
  • Dax, Paul, And Becca Begin Looking For Violet In The Woods, Located Near The Crash Site.
  • Dax Finds Violet in the Woods, and Subdues Her. Violet Says That the Uranium Will Be Sold, and Michael Will Be Killed.
  • Violet Continues To Refuse To divulge any Information.
  • Oxsana Tells Michael The Truth About Martin.
  • Becca Goes to Question Violet. When Violet Won’t Talk, Becca Begins Questioning her Using Torture Methods.
  • Michael and Oxsana Are Transported Away From the Turkish House, But Martin Stays Behind. (Most Likely To Complete The Uranium Deal.)
  • Violet Can’t Withstand The Torture any Longer, And Tells Becca The Location Of The Uranium Deal.
  • the CIA (Along With Becca & Paul) Arrives At The Deal’s Location. the Uranium Is Put In A Backpack. However, One Backpack Contains The Uranium, But There’s Multiple Decoy Backpacks. (How Will They Find The Person With The Actual Uranium?)
  • All Of The Backpack Carriers are Caught, But Martin disappears.
  • Paul And Becca Find Martin, and Paul gets Shot (By Martin). Becca Then Engages in A Foot Pursuit With Martin.
  • Dax Learns That Martin Gave a Woman (Who Was Posing as a civilian) a Code. This Code Meant That She Had The Actual Uranium In Her Backpack. Dax Apprehends The Woman, and Discovers The Uranium inside of her Backpack.
  • Becca Catches Up With Martin Just As His Getaway Car (Containing Michael & Oxsana) Arrives. Martin Pulls Michael From The Car and Holds Him Hostage. A Standoff Occurs. (What Will Happen?)
  • Martin Releases Michael, And Flees The Scene.
  • Becca Begins To Chase Down Martin, Once Again.
  • Becca Catches Up To Martin, And Ultimately Kills Him.
  • Becca And Michael Are Finally Re-United, And Michael See his Father for The First Time Since His {Fake} Death.
  • One Week After The Ordeal Becca, Paul, Oxsana, And Michael Go Out For A Family Dinner. But Then, One Of  Four Goes Missing. (Who Do You Think It Was?)

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1)  “I Can’t Imagine The Betrayal You Must Feel.”  – Dax

Tonight’s Season Finale Of Missing Was Great Until The Las 3 Minutes of the Episode. The Story Kept Me Interested and It Seemed To Have Wrapped The Series Up, Until At The Very End, A Giant Cliffhanger Presented Itself. Since Missing has officially Been Cancelled, We Will Most Likely Never Get a Solid Ending To the Series.


Episode Notes:

  • Jake And Martin Look Through A Mechanical Sight-Seer. Martin Tries To Get Jake To Look At The Brooklyn Bridge Through The Sight-Seer, But Jake Keeps Looking at A Cargo Ship Carrying Mobius Containers. The Coordinates Of  The ship Are 2545. (Could Jake Be Trying To Make A Connection Using The Numbers 2545?)
  • Martin Tries To resolve The Fighting That’s Happening Between Him And Abigail.
  • Martin Proposes To Abigail That She Should Use Aster Corps’. (Her Company) Influence Over Jake’s Facility, To Get Clea Re-Instated On Jake’s Case. Abigail Agrees.
  • While At Teller’s Research Location With Martin & Clea, Jake Continues The Amelia Sequence By adding The Numbers 2545 To It.
  • Martin Finds A Document In Teller’s Research Showing that Mobius (A Shipping Company) Gave Teller a Check for $10,000. Teller’s Roommate Reveals That Mobius Was Funding Teller’s Research.
  • Martin Goes To the Address Of Mobius Shipping. When Martin Arrives At The Location, He Discovers That The gate Is Locked. Once He Gets Past The Gate (By Breaking in) He Finds That the Main Office is  Empty.
  • Martin Spots an Employee Truck With The Identification Number: 2545 On It, At The Mobius Location.
  • Martin Begins Looking Through the Truck, But Is Interrupted By a Group Of Dock Workers. The Workers Ask Martin If He’s Glenn’s Cousin Named Mike. Martin Plays Along, and Says that Yes, He is Mike.
  • Apparently Glenn’s Real Cousin Was Supposed To help the Dock Workers Commit Some Sort Of heist. Since the Worker’s Believe That Martin Is Glenn’s Cousin, They Enlist his Help With the Heist. Martin Continues To Play Along, and Begins To Drive the Crew To the Location Of the Heist.
  • The Crew Begins Telling Martin the Details Of the Plan. they Say That The Dock Supervisor (Nelson) Is Supposed To Be receiving a Shipment Of Stolen goods. They Say That The Cargo Is Most Likely Electronics, And The Plan Is To steal the Merchandise. They Say That They’re Doing This To Get Back At Nelson For Screwing Over Joey.
  • The Crew Says That The Shipment Will Be Arriving On A Freighter With An IMO (Identification Number) That Ends With the Numbers: 2545.
  • Sheri Starts a Pattern With a 12 Sided Die, and Then Has Jake Continue The Pattern (Using More 12 Sided Die.) the Numbers on The Die Range From 25-125, So the Process Is Very Exhausting For Jake. After Jake Finishes The Process Once, A Mysterious Man (Who Is Skyping With Sheri, But Has A Blacked Out Face) Tells Sheri to Make Jake Repeat The Process Again. (Who Is This Mysterious Man?)
  • Clea Arrives To The Facility (After Being Re-Instated) A Day Before She Is Scheduled to. After Her Arrival, Clea Goes To the Front Desk To Check Her Mail inbox. While Checking Her Inbox, Clea Sees Sheri (Via the Front Desk Live Security Camera footage) Making Jake Undergo The Exhausting 12 Sided Die Pattern Process. Clea Also Sees Sheri Video Chatting With The Mysterious Man, During Jake’s Pattern Exercise.
  • Clea Asks Sheri What Jake Is Doing, Sheri Says That Jake Is Just Playing With Behavioral Blocks.
  • Martin And The Crew Arrive At The Dock Where The Ship is Scheduled To arrive, But The Ship Isn’t There. The Authorities Are Waiting at The Dock, as Well.
  • the Crewe Asks Martin To go talk To Nelson to Find Out Where The Ship Was Re-Routed To.
  •  Joey (One Of The Crew/Heist Members) Reveals That Nelson Fired Him, Because His Wife (Who is Terminally Ill) Was Costing The Insurance Company Too Much Money.
  • Nelson Tells Martin (Who Is Posing as A Mobius Employee) Where The Ship had Been Re-Routed To.
  • The Crew Learns that Martin Isn’t Really Glenn’s Cousin. they Then Proceed To Beat him Up.
  • Martin Convinces The Crew That He Was Meant To Help them. They Agree To Let Him Help With the Heist.
  • Teller’s Roommate Reveals That The 12 Sided Die Are Said To represent The Universe. He Says That the Die Are Used To Test/Find Out Is Someone Is Able To Make Connections Using Numbers (Like Jake). He Says That This Same Test Was Used On Amelia, And It Caused Her To Have A Mental Breakdown.
  • Martin Learns that Jake Connected Him To Joey and His Wife. This Means That Martin Is Supposed To Help the Two In Some Way.
  • Martin And The Crew Arrives At the Location of the Ship. The Ship Is There, But They Need Some Sort Of Distraction, So That they can past the Authorities and Get The goods From The Cargo Container Into The Truck.
  • Clea Goes into Sheri’s Office, After Sheri and The Kids Leave For An Outing. Clea Begins Looking For Something  That Can Help Her Figure out who the Mysterious Man Is, that Sheri Was Video Chatting With.
  • In the Process Of  Searching The Office, Clea Hears Sheri Opening The Door. Clea Quickly Picks Up A Directory And Uses That as An Excuse, As To why She Was In the Office. There’s One Problem: While Searching, Clea Knocked Over a Bowl Of Paper Clips; She Put Back All But One of them. Sheri Seems To Notice this.
  • One Of The Crew  Members Causes a Distraction So that the Crew Can Get The goods.
  • The Crew Arrives At The Container, But The Authorities have beat them to it. The Crew Watches As The Authorities Open The Container. Inside Is A Mountain Of Fruit. Apparently The Crew has The Wrong Container.
  • Joey disappears And Takes A Bag containing A Gun, From the Truck. (What Is He Planning On Doing?)
  • Jake Creates A Diversion During The Outing, So that Clea Can gain Access To Sheri’s Laptop and Find Out Who the Mysterious Man Is.
  • Martin Finds Joey And Learns That He Is Planning On Using The Gun To Rob Nelson. Martin Ultimately Gets The Gun From Joey, and throws It Into the Ocean.
  • Martin and Joey Learn That the Number On The Correct Cargo Container Is 2545, They Find The Container and Proceed To Open It.
  • When Martin/Joey Opens The Container They Discover Numerous Illegal Immigrants Inside.
  • Clea Learns That The Man Who Was Observing Jake’s Performance (And video Chatting With Sheri) Was A Man From Aster Corps. Clea Goes To Talk To Abigail About The Situation.
  • Martin Gives Nelson The Name Of A Reporter Who Can Help Him With the Human Trafficking Charges. In Exchange For The Reporter’s Name, Martin Asks Nelson To Give Joey His Job Back. Nelson Agrees.
  • Clea Tells Martin About The Aster Corps. Situation.
  • All Of The Proper Connections Are Made.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Why Don’t We Just Let Jake Be an 11 Year Old Kid for Now, Okay?”  – Martin

2)  ” No Rest For the Weary.”   – Clea

Tonight’s Episode Of Touch Was By Far The Best Of The season. Many New Facts Present themself, and a Conspiracy Is Even Revealed. I Haven’t Liked This Series Since The Begining, But This episode was Able To grab, and Keep, My Attention. Touch Has Already Been renewed For a Second Season, So We’ll See What Happens.

Sidenote: Be Sure To Watch The 2 Hour Season Finale Of Touch: Thursday, May 31 at 8/7C. On FOX


Episode Notes:

  • Quinn Finds Gideon In His Apartment, With Scissors Sticking Out Of His Neck. He Is Losing Large Amounts Of Blood.
  • Gideon Dies In His Apartment, From His Injuries.
  • Olivia Arrives At Gideon’s Apartment (After Being Called By Quinn) , And Discovers Gideon. Quinn Appears To Be In Shock, And She Says that The Police needs To Be Called. Olivia Tells Quinn that She Knows They Can’t Do That, Because then The Police Will Learn Who Quinn Really Is.
  • Cyrus Finds Out That Fitz Went To Olivia’s House.
  • the Rest Of  The Team Arrives At Gideon’s Apartment. Olivia Tells The Team To Clean the Crime Scene, Because Quinn Cannot Be Arrested/Booked/Fingerprinted. Quinn Is Now Officially a Client Of Olivia Pope & Associates.
  • Olivia and The Team Cleans The Crime Scene, And Then Calls The Police.
  • The Team Tries To Piece Together Gideon’s Research On Amanda, To Find Out What He Learned, and To Find Out The identity Of His Murderer. Billy Announces His Resignation, And During The Announcement He States That He Had An Affair With Amanda And Impregnated her. He States That She Slept With Fitz and That These Relations Can Be Heard On A Sex Tape.
  • Fitz Admits To Mellie That the accusations are True, Yet She Still Encourages Him To Deny The Accusations To the Public. Fitz Refuses To Make A Speech, Denying His Actions.
  • Cyrus/Fitz Calls in Olivia To Help With The Sex Scandal.
  • Olivia Tells Fitz To Continue Business As Usual (So That He Doesn’t Seem Like He’s running From the Issue) Until they Can Find A Way To End The Scandal.
  • David Comes To The Firm And Tells the team That A neighbor Saw Quinn Entering Gideon’s Apartment On The Night that he Was Killed. David Says That he Knows The Team Cleaned Up the Crime Scene. David Calls Gideon’s Phone, and Hears It Ringing From inside of the Firm. The Phone Is Taken Into Evidence, and Quinn Is Taken In for Questioning, With Harrison As Her lawyer.
  • Olivia Confronts Billy about Gideon’s Murder, And He Confirms To her That he Did it.
  • Olivia Tells David The Details Of Billy’s Murder, But David Says That he Has no Case Since the Team Cleaned Up The Scene. David Also Says That Quinn Will Be Held For Further Questioning.
  • Olivia Suggests To Fitz & Cyrus that she Should Tell the Public that She Is The Person On the Sex Tape, So That Fitz Can Avoid Impeachment. Fitz Suggests That he Should Just Resign From His Role as President Of The United States.
  • Fitz and Olivia Continue Their Romantic Relationship.
  • Huck promises Olivia that he Won’t Kill Billy, So He Enlists Charlie To do it.
  • Olivia Convinces Mellie To return, and Help Fitz With the Scandal.
  • Mellie Comes Up With a Plan To help End The Scandal. Part Of The Plan Involves Her Saying That She Is The Person On the Sex Tape.
  • Olivia Turns In Her Whit House Badge. (Could She Be Finished With Fitz And The White House For Good?)
  • Fitz Convinces Sally To Discredit Billy.
  • Billy Enters An Elevator At The White House, and Charlie Enters With him. (Is Charlie Really Going to Kill Billy?)
  • It’s Revealed That Cyrus Hires Charlie To Kill Amanda.
  • David Brings Quinn Back to the Team. David Tells Olivia That He Ran Quinn’s Prints, But He Ran Them By Himself. He Says That It’s a Good Thing That No-one Else Was Around When He Ran The Prints, Because Half a Dozen U.S. Agencies Are Looking For Quinn. (What is Quinn’s True Identity?)

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Why Did You Run For this Job, To Get Laid?”  – Cyrus

2) “You’re The Client Quinn, Let Us Do Our Jobs.”  – Olivia

3) Some Men Aren’t Meant To Be Happy,  They’re Meant To Be Great.”    – Cyrus

4)  ” I Promise Not To Kill Billy Chambers”   – Huck

5) ” I Know How To Fake It With My Wife, You Taught Me Well.”    – fitz

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