NBC Grimm Season 1 Finale

Posted: May 18, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in NBC
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I’ll admit me and Grimm have had a rocky relationship but through the course of the season that all changed.

Grimm for a me started out as a post “Chuck” Friday night wind down that I had a hard time getting into at first. The main arc the series involving Nick, his family of Grimm’s and the suspicious captain kept me coming back to find out more but after some single episode stories where the main plot didn’t seem to move forward that much I was on the fence about the show. That all changed once the story started to progress.

Season 1 Finale:

In the season one finale Nick is tracking down the only remaining guy left who killed his parents and in the process finds out he is the one coming after him and everyone he knows including the captain. Nick is forced to tell Juliette the truth about him after she is scratched by a cat he believes Adalind had poisoned. Juliette of course does not believe him and before he has a chance to actually show her the poison has knocked her out and she is now in the hospital. Hank is trying to deal with seeing Monroe as a Blutbad and the captain is helping Nick track down the killer after he too was attacked.

The episode ends with Monroe & Rosalee trying find out what Juliette was poisoned with and in the hospital she is waking up “Big Eyed”. Nick is in a battle with man who killed his parents/aunt as an unknown women help Nick and kills the man, it turns out to be Nick’s mom….

A lot of questions are left and not to worry since the show was renewed for season 2 long ago.

What is Captain’s plan for Nick?

Nick’s mom is alive..

What happened to Juliette?

Where is Adalind? Why & What did show poison Juliette with?

Finale thoughts:

Overall the show has surprised me, after thinking I would lose interest long ago I stuck it out and was reward fully for my patience. The single episode stories that I did not fully enjoy were laying the ground work for the much larger story that does begin to rapidly evolve. I will be back for season 2!

Will you be tuning in for Season 2 of Grimm?


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