Community Season 3 Finale

Posted: May 19, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Community, NBC
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Last time seeing Community on Thursday Night  😦 The show moves to Friday for season 4 in the fall.

I honestly did not know what to make of the show when it first premiered as I just watched because it was on Thursday night surrounded by NBC’s other comedies I was tuning in for and never gave the show much thought. In season 3 that all changed as I had realized that I was looking at the show much differently and it had become a show I looked forward to every week. The characters had grown so much on me and with my new knowledge went back and rewatched what I now know as a very unique and original show.

Every week writing these “Episode Notes” I constantly say to myself that If a non Community fan reads the text about what happened in each episode they would find us fans mentally insane for watching, which is fine to be in that minority that loves the show and fully understands all the inside jokes.

Episode 1: “Digital Estate Planning

The Video Game episode with nearly the entire episode brought into an old style game.

  • Pierce and the study group are forced to play a game in order for him to win his inheritance.
  • Pierce learns he has a half-brother and has to play against him.
  • Abed gets involved with a fictional game character. Has fictional babies he uses to help win the game.
  • “Troy and Abed shooting lava”
  • Study group feels sorry for Pierce’s half-brother Gilbert and they forfeit so he can win the game and claim the inheritance.
  •  Pierce and his half-brother become buddies and them along with the study group go out for a drink.

Episode 2 “The First Chang Dynasty”

  • The Gang works to take down Chang.
  • Troy turns to the A/C repair annex for inside information on Chang and the kidnapped dean. He’s told rather openly how to get to the dean in exchange for joining the A/C school.
  • Troy will have to move out after joining the A/C school.
  • The group plans and “Elaborate Heist”
  • “Oceans 11”
  • “Everyone except for Pierce has to plan an elaborate heist”- Jeff Winger 
  • “I just want to reiterate this should be the only time you seduce a child over the internet” Jeff to Britta
  • Chang catches the gang trying to escape with the real dean.
  • Chang badly plays the keytar
  • Troy is leaving for the A/C school and gets some parting words:
  • “Never wear a rubber” Pierce
  • “Never listen to Pierce”- Jeff
Episode 3 “Introduction to Finality
  • Shirley’s sandwich shop to occupy the cafeteria after Subway leaves. Shirley and Pierce can’t figure out who is in change to sign to have the shop there.
  • Abed is having therapy to deal with Troy leaving.. with Britta.
  • Abed meets Evil Abed.
  • “When the world gets bad enough the good go crazy, but the smart they go bad”- Evil Abed
  • Jeff offers to defend Shirley when Pierce takes here to community college court over who should sign.
  • Vice Dean of A/C school dies repairing a flow duct.
  • It is revealed that the man now put in charge killed the Vice Dean and is later taken to the police.
  • Jeff’s old Law Firm pal Allen is defending Pierce.
  • It is later revealed that Allen is the one who reported Jeff to the “bar” and is responsible for him loosing his job.
  • Allen is now in charge of Jeff’s old firm and threatens that he wont have a job later if he wins the case.
  • In therapy Britta is speaking with Evil Abed who is from the darkest “Timeline”. He is here to darken the current timeline.
  • Evil Abed’s first task is to make the current timeline just like the dark one by cutting off Jeff’s arm.
  • Evil Abed is seen smoking carrying a bone saw down the hallway.
  • While sitting in on the trial Evil Abed comes to his senses when Jeff gives in inspiration speech that sacrifices his job offer for Shirley and the good Abed is back.
  • Pierce fires Allen , throws the case.
  • “I’m willing to admit I defiantly need therapy”- Abed
  • Troy is back after changing the rules at the A/C school.
  • “I went crazy and wanted to cut off Jeff’s arm”- Abed to Troy
  • With the theme song playing : (in what had a feeling of a series finale..thankfully its not)
  • Starburns is back…
  • Abed takes down the dreamatorium…but has a secret small one…
  • It ends with Lenard doing a potato chip review…

Final Thoughts:

The ending montage almost felt like a series finale with the theme song playing which drew up a lot of emotion for this wonderful comedy. Thankfully the show was renewed. I loved with finale and found all three episode very unique. The video game episode is something I have never seen done before and was defiantly for everyone’s geeky side.

To comment on Dan Harmon being..well forced out..

My personal thought- Aaron:

Im not too worried about Dan Harmon Leaving,  Its just like when Frank Darabont left “The Walking Dead” and the show remained quality.

Voice your thoughts on Dan Harmon and the Community finale in the comments below.

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