30 Rock Season 6 Finale

Posted: May 21, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in 30 Rock, NBC
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“What will happen to the gang next year”

  • Chris’s van is called Van Der Beek.
  • “I don’t bail im still watching Smash”- Liz
  • Hazel has no place live.
  • Avery and Jack renewing their vows and want Liz to officiate.
  • Jack is still concerned that Avery and Scott slept together after he notices they are using “tapping” to communicate.
  • Kenneth offer let Hazel move in with him.
  • It is later revealed that Hazel sabotaged Kenneth’s application back into the Paige program so he wouldn’t be a threat.
  • Liz badly wants a baby..
  • Everyone is trying to breakup the vow renewal including Kim Jong Il.
  • After Jenna informs Kenneth of Hazel’s sabotage:
  • “And to think I thought Hazel was a bitch, friendly and loyal like a well trained female dog but she isn’t a bitch she’s a meany pants”- Kenneth 
  • Tracy is trying to be a black role model, is now starting his own studio.
  • Chris sold to the van to a really nice guy on meth to use the money to redo the upstairs.
  • No one speaks up at the vow renewal and Jack and Avery end up being the one to stop it. They admit they only got married because of the baby and that if they wanted it to work they wouldn’t of had Liz officiate. Only kept the marriage going to be winners. Both agree on a peaceful divorce.
  • Hazel tells Kenneth shes loves him…they make out.
  • Chris and Liz are thinking about having a baby.
  • Jack shares baby advice to Liz
  • We close off season 6 with Kim Jong Il sharing his thoughts on season 7.

Final Thoughts:

30 Rock continues to bring laughs after a solid six years on the air. While the finale was rather lackluster I found it an enjoyable episode to close off the season with as we head toward the final thirteen episodes this fall.

Will you be tuning into the final season this fall?

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