The Client List (5/20/12 Episode)

Posted: May 21, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, The Client List
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Episode Notes:

  • Riley Tells Georgia And The Girls About Her Run-In With The Police Officer.
  • Lacey Tells Linette That Kyle Expresses His Intentions of Leaving, To Her.
  • Linette Tells Lacey That She Shouldn’t tell Riley About Kyle Saying that he was going to leave.
  • Riley Begins coaching a Client (Geoffrey) So That He Can Go On a Date With A Girl That Lives in His Building (Jan)
  • While On a Date With Geoffrey (In an Attempt to Coach him) Riley Runs into Zach’s dad.
  • Evan Gets a job Working for Beau and Taylor’s Construction Company.
  • Riley Overhears Selena Giving “Major” Extras In One Of The Treatment Rooms.
  • Taylor Tells Linette That She Is Buying the Salon.
  • It’s Revealed That The Policemen Who Pulled Riley over Won’t Be Bothering her, Georgi, Or any Of The Girls again Because He Was Cent to A Rehab Facility.
  • While Celebrating His New Job At a Local Bar, Evan Runs into Selena. Selena, Evan, Taylor, and Beau Play a Game Of Pool.
  • Lacey Tells Riley About Kyle Saying That He Was Going To Leave.
  • Riley’s Anger Against Lacey Subsides, And She Forgives her for Keeping the Secret about Kyle.
  • Geoffrey Tells Riley That her Coaching worked, He got a Date with Jan.
  • Selena Suggests To Riley That Evan is Sleeping With Taylor.
  • Linette Reveals That She Intends To Get a loan from the Bank, So That She Can Buy The Salon.
  • Zach’s dad Asks Riley on a Date. Riley Accepts.
  • Georgia Confronts Selena About Her Recent Behavior.
  • It’s Revealed That Evan Is Dating Selena.

The Client List Is a Very Simple Show, That is Easy to Follow. This Show Doesn’t Have any mysterious, and Doesn’t Leave many Unanswered Questions. I Think The Show Could have a Little More Complexity To it, But Overall it’s a Decent Show. Watch The Client list Live: Sunday’s at 10/9C. On LMN.

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