Episode Notes:


  • Green World) Harper Sets Up A Meet With Kessel.
  • (Green World) Bird and his Team Find The Drugs in The Storage Locker.
  • (Green World) Harper Kills Kessel At Th Meet, So That He Won’t Be able to Tell Anyone about her Role in The Westfield Conspiracy.
  • (Green World) The Police Discovers Kessel’s Body
  • (Red World) Hawkins Gets Orders From Kessel To Drop Michael (Who Suffers from a Gunshot Wound) out on The Street.
  • (Red World) Michael Causes Hawkins To Crash The Car, In Which They Were Travelling.
  • (Red World) Michael Takes Hawkins’ Gun and Flees The Scene.
  • (Red World) After Fleeing The Scene, Michael Goes To See Dr. Lee.
  • (Red World) Dr. Lee Patches Up Michael’s Gunshot Wound.
  • (Red World) Michael Asks Dr. Lee To Drive Him To The Storage Unit, In Which The Drugs are suspected to Be. (Michael Forces Dr. Lee To Take Him Their, By Holding the Man At Gunpoint.)
  • (Red World) Michael Breaks into The Storage Unit, But Doesn’t Discover Any Drugs. Michael Locks Dr. Lee Inside of the Unit, and Leaves.
  • (Red World) Michael Contacts Vega For Help. Vega Says That he will Come and Pick up Michael for a meet. Michael Tells Vega The Details About the Westfield Conspiracy, and Asks Him To Tell Harper About The Situation.
  • (Red World) Vega Goes to Tell Harper About The Kessel Conspiracy. She Claims That Michael Is Just Delusional.
  • (Red World) Vega Tells Harper The Location Of Michael (After Being Convinced That Michael Is Delusional). Michael Is Arrested.
  • (Red World) Michael Learns That Harper Is Involved  With Kessel/Hawkins’ Operation.
  • (Red World) Michael Remains In Jail, Trying To Figure Out The Details Of The Conspiracy.
  • (Red World) Michael’s World Begins To Mash Up. Red World Michael Sees Green World Michael, Along With Both Dr. Evans And Dr. Lee. (What is Happening To Michael, and his Dreams?)
  • Red World Michael is Able To See Harper and Kessel’s Meet (Via his Dreams, or an out-of-body Experience…?)
  • Michael Awakes Back In The Green World.
  • (Green World) Michael Sets Out To Take Down Harper.
  • (Green World) Michael Confronts Harper About Her Actions.
  • (Green World) Harper Is Taken In For Questioning By IA (Internal Affairs)
  • (Green World) While Michael is  Talking With Dr. Evans, Time “Freezes”
  • Michael’s Dream World Crumbles, and He Faces The Real World. In Reality,  Neither Rex or Hannah Died, They’re BOth Alive, and Living In The Same {Real} World.
  • Michael Is Re-United With His Wife and Son, In Reality.

Wow, Tonight’s Finale Was Magnificent. The Story Really Ended With a Solid Finale, That Contained No Cliffhangers. Sadly, This Is Most  Likely The Series Finale Of Awake, Since NBC Has Officially Cancelled it.  If You Watched The Finale Of Missing And Was disappointed, Don’t  Worry, Because The Awake Finale is The Complete opposite. This Finale Will Satisfy All Of It’s Fans, as Well As Anyone Who has Ever Watched The Show.

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