Harry’s Law Series Finale (5/27/12)

Posted: May 28, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, NBC
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Episode Notes:

  • Harry Learns That Her first Husband (Arthur Korn) Has Died Of A Heart Attack.
  • Harry Begins representing a Man Who Is “A Person Of Interest” In The Murder Of His Ex-Wife. The Man Isn’t Able To Get A Job, Because No-one Wants To Hire Him After They Learn that He Is “A Person Of Interest” In a Murder Case.
  • Ollie Decides To Take On a Case Involving The Affirmative Action (A Law That Helps Minorities Get a Better Educational Future.) He Asks Cassie To Help Out With The Case, But She Refuses. Cassie And Ollie Ultimately Get Into An Argument About The Case.
  • Adam Takes On A Case involving an Accountant Who Was Fired Because He Had No teeth, And Constantly Removed his Dentures.
  • The Affirmative Action disagreement Puts Cassie And Ollie’s Relationship On Edge.
  • The Man (Who Is a Person Of Interest) Tells Harry That The Person Of Interest Label Caused The Bank To Lose His House. Harry Tells The Man That They Will Sue The D.A. For Abuse of Power/Discretion.
  • Ollie And Cassie Agree To disagree On The Affirmative Action Situation. Their Relationship Is Now Back On Track.
  • Harry Goes Through With Her Lawsuit Against The D.A., And A Hearing Date Is Set.
  • Harry Learns That No-One Has Claimed Arthur’s body, So She Decides To Plan The Funeral.
  • The “Person Of interest” Hearing Begins.
  • Adam tells The {Toothless} Accountant (Nelson) That An Offer Of $29,000 Has Been  Presented, To keep the Case Out Of Court.
  • The Affirmative Action Trial Begins.
  • Ollie’s Motion (In The Affirmative Action Case) Is Denied.
  • The Judge Rules In Harry’s Case. He Says that He Can’t Get The “Person Of Interest” Label Removed, But He Can allow Harry To Make a Defamation Claim Against The D.A. This Means That Harry’s Case Will Continue Forward.
  • Adam Hosts a Party For The Firm. Malcolm, And Many Other Familiar Faces Attend, And The Series Is Wrapped Up.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You White Racist Pig!”  – Cassie

2) “Guys Love Watching Two Girls Dancing Together.”    – Lisa

3) “He Was A Hell Of A Party.”    – Harry

4)  ” And It’s Utter hooey!”   – Harry

5) “Hey, That Your Girlie Girl Up There?”  – Sam


Wow! Tonight’s Series Finale Of Harry’s Law Was Magnificent. The Finale Really Focused On The characters’ Relationships. The Finale Also Focused On How Close The Firm Really Was (Almost Like One Big Family). I Really Enjoyed The Finale. I’ve Been a Fan Of Harry’s Law Since The Very First Episode, And I’ll Dearly Miss The Show. I Highly Suggests That You Watch Seasons 1 and 2 Of Harry’s Law, If You’ve Never Seen The Show.

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