5/27/12 Episode Notes: The Killing “72 Hours”

Posted: May 29, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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  • Day 23
  • Linden awakes to find herself in a psyc ward.
  • (Feels eerie like the pilot of the walking dead where Rick wakes up in the hospital)
  • Holder is ANGRY he can’t see Linden.
  • Holder to the Lieutenant  “There trying to frame her…she found evidence inside the casino that proves the tribe is covering up a murder”
  • “Lets hope not because it would completely inadmissible”- Lieutenant 
  • It is revealed that chief Jackson has said that Linden was trying to kill herself.
  • (Not true at all)
  • “Shes not suicidal sir and you know it”- Holder
  • Only a psychiatrist can get Linden out.
  • “Heads up, call your boys at county Rosie Larsen files up and disappeared somewhere between our house and there’s. Guess your in the wrong circle of trust Lieutenant”- Holder
  • Linden is on suicide watch for 72 hours.
  • “Stan what happens if the cops never find the guy?..your angry because you cant let go”- Terry
  • “The boys can see it, there holding there breath wondering when it will be ok to start living again. You gotta try Stan”- Terry
  • Holder goes to see Reggie to see if she can help get Linden out. She refuses to help as she thinks Linden is crazy and work is the last thing she needs right now.
  • ‘I’ve seen what happens to her when she neglects everything else in her life. When she thinks that she needs a case more then she needs sleep or food or her own son. This is how it started last time.”- Reggie
  • Holder defends Linden.
  • Holder heads to the construction site of the mayors waterfront project and sees that Michael Ames is the project manager.
  • Holder looks into Ames construction company and finds out that someone broke into the site the night of Rosie’s murder but was cut loose with no charges filled.
  • Stan is back to see Mr.Amed Rosie’s teacher to apologize. He does not take Stan’s visit kindly.
  • Stan knows Rosie just stopped by his house to say goodbye that night.
  • Dr. Kerry begins to question Linden. Reveals to her that the Chief said she was about to jump from the 10th floor and Linden fought her. 
  • (Not true at all!)
  • “That’s not what happened, I didn’t touch her”- Linden
  • The Doctor grills her about her previous case and the last time she was admitted.
  • “It was non stop working on a murder”- Linden
  • Linden describes her last case in detail. A hooker had been killed, her body decomposing in her apartment and her 6 year old son was there for a week hiding in a closet waiting for someone to come.
  • Linden took him to the kitchen waiting for Child Protective Services to come and he drew the drawling she has.
  • (In a previous episode a person broke into Linden’s hotel room and uncovered the drawling and hung it on the fridge. It had to of been someone involved in both cases and knows Linden very well)
  • The boy who drew it Adrian ended up in the foster system.
  •  Holder got the name of the person who broke into the construction site, Joseph who is connected to the mob.
  • Michael Ames had lied and said the guy worked for him.
  • (Richmond is now doing his best to be a good guy and he does appear to actually be one)
  • The Doctor begins to ask Linden about the Rosie Larsen case.
  • “And that’s what you do? You find out peoples secrets?”- Doctor
  • “They leave them behind. Sometimes its what got them killed, sometimes it as though there trying to tell you something the victim.”- Linden
  • “She was drowned in the truck of a car and you found Adrian in dark closet. What does that mean to you Sarah? Whey do these two cases mean so much to you?”- Doctor
  • Linden just wants out and she freaks out at the idea should could have to in there for a week.
  • Stan calls Rosie’s old phone, hears her voice when the voicemail message starts. Stan crying trying to get his own form of closure.
  • (Very emotional scene, you feel Stan’s sadness) 
  • Stan Crying as he leaves this message- “It’s daddy..calling cause I don’t know what else to do because… I’m sorry it never should of been a secret that I choose to be your dad.. It was the best decision I ever made. You always been the best thing about me, the very best thing. Bye..”
  • Holder visits Linden let her know about the construction site break in. 
  • “Ames doesn’t press charges and an hour later we got Ames.. to meet with Chief Jackson most likely”- Holder
  • “And someone from city hall, I saw a white key card”- Linden
  • “So they were planning something at the waterfront and it went wrong when Kovarsky’s guy got arrested”- Holder
  • Holder goes to see Joesph who takes off running. Holder questions him.
  • Holder goes to talk to the Lieutenant.
  • “The night Rosie Larsen was killed there was a break in at the waterfront, all our players are involved.  Janek Kovarsky’s thug breaks into the Mayors construction site, project manager Michael Ames choose to not press charges. Here’s the best park, I spoke to Janek’s boy say he was given the order that night to break in and bury some Indian bones…He was supposed to be protected.. get in bury the bones get out end of job except our boys at the 9th precinct weren’t in on and arrested him. Im guessing our players get scared the boys gonna talk so they head out to the casino to meet with Nicole and Jackson. Rosie overhears the conversation and gets herself killed.”- Holder  
  • “This goes all the way to the top. It goes all the way to city hall”- Holder
  • “Your on the wrong side Lieutenant, there using you”- Holder
  • At the Richmond campaign Gwen let him know that she had the mayor over to try and use him sleeping with her as a minor against him.
  • In a session with the Doctor Linden is trying to figure out  the mind set of Rosie’s killer.
  • “..but she was alive when she went in the water…the killer didn’t want to see her eyes when she finally died, but why?”- Linden
  • Linden is convinced they caught the wrong guy in her other case. She gave up fighting  with her partner that she was right. Linden feels guilty about it.
  • Adrian was trying to tell Linden something with the drawling which is why she kept it.
  • Linden is released by her psychiatrist her ex-fiance Rick.
  • At the casino the Chief is quickly finished the renovations on the 10th floor.
  • The bloody key card remains hidden in the floor…….
Final Thoughts:
I know I say this every week but what an episode! So much emotion especially with Stan. Linden being being stuck in a psyc ward added a new dynamic to this episode and im glad it ended with her getting out though.
Share your thoughts and theory’s in the comments below.
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