Episode Notes:

  • It’s Revealed That Möbius Is Actually A Front For Aster Corps.
  • Abigail tells Martin That Aster Corps. Has Been Interested In  Jake Since He Was Born.
  • Abigail Also Tells Martin That The Review Board (That Decides Who Gets Custody Of Jake) Has Most Likely Been Bought/Payed Off By Aster Corps., So That They Will Rule Against Martin Getting Custody Of Jake.
  • While Speaking With Abigail, Martin Notices That Jake Is On The Building’s Balcony. When Martin Goes To Get Him, Martin Drops Abigail’s Glass 12 Sided Die From The Balcony, And It Busts Through The Windshield Of a Police Car. The Number On The Police Car Is 2217.
  • While At The Police Station, Jake Leads Martin To The Record Archives. Martin Then Sees The Records For Case Number 2217. Martin Begins Looking Through The File, And Learns That It Is a Police file About Amelia.
  • The Police Records Show That Amelia Is Dead, But Martin Has Seen her On The facility’s Security Footage. (Could Aster Corps. Have Faked Amelia’s Death?)
  • Martin Is Able To Get Amelia’s Autopsy Report From The Medical Examiner. Martin Learns That The Body Was Identified By ?Using Dental Records. For Some Reason, the Autopsy Photos Are Missing From the Report.
  • Martin Begins Watching Footage Of  Teller’s Interviews With Amelia.
  • Martin Learns That Amelia Didn’t Talk (Like Jake), but While Teller Was Interviewing Her, Amelia Spoke.
  • Martin Learns (From The Footage) That Amelia Had Her Appendix Removed, But The Autopsy Shows That She Still Had An Appendix. (Where Is Amelia, And What Is The Identity Of The Body that Was Supposedly Amelia?)
  • While Making His Way Back to the Facility, Martin Is Knocked Out By An unknown Man. The Man Steals The Evidence That Shows That Amelia Is Alive. (The Autopsy Report/Interview Footage)
  • When Martin Wakes Up, He Realizes That he Is On A Subway track, And A Train Is Rolling Down the Track and Heading His Way.
  • Martin Kicks In a Service Door Located Near The Subway tracks, and successfully Dodges The Train.
  • Martin Tells Abigail About His Encounter With The Unknown Man. Abigail Says That She Had Nothing To Do With It.
  •  It’s Revealed That Lucy (Amelia’s Mother) May Be Able To Make Connections With Numbers, As Well.
  • Martin Learns That An emergency Meeting Was Called To Decide Who gets Custody Of Jake. He Learns That The State Has Gained custody Of Jake. Martin Also Learns That Clea Was Involved With The Decision.
  • It’s Revealed That Jake Is Being Moved To a Long Term Care Facility.
  • Martin Buys a Gun.
  • Lucy Continues her Search For Amelia.
  • Martin Takes His Gun To The Facility, But Before He Can Draw/Use It, Sheri Spots Him.
  • Sheri Tells Martin That He Needs To Say goodbye To Jake.
  • Clea Takes Martin To Go See Jake. Martin Approaches Jake (Who Is Sitting Down With a Hoodie On), But Discovers That The Hooded Child Isn’t Jake.
  • Clea tells Martin That She Put Jake In A Cab Back To Martin’s House.
  • When Martin Arrives Home, He Discovers That Jake Isn’t There. Martin Finds That Jake Has Left a Number: 4370
  • Martin Finds Jake At Sarah’s Grave. apparently 4370 Was Sarah’s Birthday.
  • Abigail Tells Martin That An Amber Alert Has Been Issued.
  • Clea Confronts Sheri About The Aster Corps. Conspiracy. Sheri Claims That She Has No Idea What Clea Is Talking About.
  • Martin Goes To Teller’s Research Location, And Discovers That All Of Teller’s research Has Been Stolen. Apparently Someone Broke In And Stole The Research.
  • Teller’s Roommate Arranges For Jake And Martin To Leave The State By Bus.
  • Martin And Jake Arrive At The Bus Station. when they Arrive, Jake Points Out a Bus Going To Los Angeles. The Bus Number Is 4370. Martin Decides To Swap their Tickets, For Tickets To Los Angeles.
  • Martin Gets Tickets To Los Angeles, But as They’re About to Board The Bus, The People That Are Looking For Jake Spot Them.
  • Martin And Jake Evade Their Pursuers, and Run Into Randall. Randall Helps Them Escape The Scene. Martin Then Proceeds To Tell Randall That He Is Sarah’s Husband.
  • Randall Gives Martin His Car, To Drive To Los Angeles.
  • After Arriving In Los Angeles, Martin And Jake Run Into Lucy. Lucy Tells Them That She Is Looking For Her Daughter, Amelia. Martin Doesn’t Seem To Realize That She Is Talking About The Same Amelia That he’s Looking For.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Mr. Bohm Is A Good Father.”    – Clea

2) “Time Forces Us To Grow,  Adapt.”   –  Jake (Intro Quote)

3) “You Look Scared, Sheri.”    – Clea

Tonight’s finale Was Magnificent. Touch Has A Way Of Boring Me In One Episode, But Making Up For It The Next Week. I Am Slowly Becoming A Fan Of This Show. Tonight’s Finale, Made Connections Between Most Of The Character’s From The Series, But It Also Left Many Unanswered Questions. I Was Surprised To See Maria Bello Guest Starring In The Finale, As I Wasn’t At All Expecting Her To Make An appearance. Overall, Tonight’s Finale Was Beyond Great, And I Would recommend The Show. Watch Touch Live: Next Fall On Friday’s, Only On FOX.

~ Scott R.

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