Common Law (6/1/12)

Posted: June 2, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, USA
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Episode Notes:

  • The Body Of A Young Woman Is Found Near A Local Tennis Court.
  • Travis And Wes Learn that The Woman’s Tennis Outfit Is Brand New, It Even Still has The Price Tag Attached.
  • Travis And Wes Go To The Store Where the Woman’s tennis Outfit Was Bought. the Owner Of The Store Says That The Woman’s Name Was Darby. The Owner Also Says That Darby Bought Apparel For Numerous Sports, But She Always Returned The Items. Obviously Darby Wasn’t Trying  To Pick a Sport, But Instead She Was Trying To Find A Man.
  • The Shop Owner Gives Travis And Wes Darby’s Address.
  • By Searching Darby’s Room, Travis And Wes Learn That Darby Recently Joined An Online Dating Site. They Also Find Darby’s Kitten (Milo), In The Apartment.
  • Travis And Wes Also Learn That Darby Worked In The Field Of Computer Security; She Ran Background Searches For businesses, Etc. However, Travis And Wes Don’t See Darby’s Computer Anywhere In The Apartment.
  • Travis And Wes Gain Access to Darby’s Online Dating Account. They Learn That Darby Had 3 Dates This Week.
  • Travis And Wes Decide To Set Up a Dummy Account On The Dating Site That Darby Was Using. They Hope That One Of The Guy’s That Darby Had a Date With, Will Respond To the Dummy Account.
  • Wes Learns That Alex Has a Profile On The Dating Site.
  • One Of Darby’s Dates Responds To The Dummy Profile. The Man Asks For A Meet.
  • Travis And Wes Go To the Meet, And Darby’s Date Says That Darby Never Showed Up For Their Date. The Man Says That After Waiting 45 Minutes At The Bar, He Took The Waitress Home Instead. She Can Confirm His Alibi.
  • The New Medical Examiner (Kendall) Is Able To Get Travis And Wes The Names And Addresses Of the Last Two Men That Darby Went On A Date With. Kendall Also Says That Darby Has All Of Her Computer Files Backed up In a Cloud Account. To Gain Access Kendall needs Darby’s Encryption Code, Which Is Nowhere To Be Found.
  • Travis And Wes Go To See One Darby’s Dates (Ted). Ted Is a Racer, And He Says That On The Night Of Darby’s Murder, He Was In The Middle Of The Race. Ted Says That There Are Hundreds Of People Who Can Confirm His Alibi.
  • Travis And Wes Go To See Darby’s Other Date (Paul). As Travis And Wes Are Knocking On His Door, Paul Arrives To His Home, And Sees the Two At His Door. Paul Makes A Run For It, And a Foot Pursuit Begins.
  • When Travis And Wes Apprehend The Man, they Compare The Dating Site Profile Picture, To The Man In Custody, and The Two Look nothing Alike. The Man Says That He Ran Because He Didn’t Know That Travis And Wes Were Police Officers.
  • Travis And Wes Visit Paul’s’ Mother’s house, And The Learn That Paul Lives With Her.
  • While At Paul’s’ Mom’s House, Travis And Wes See a Picture Of Paul. The Picture Is Of The Man That Travis And Wes Got Into A Foot Pursuit With. Apparent;y The Man That They Chased Down Really Was Paul. (Travis And Wes Didn’t Know The Man Was Paul, Because Paul Used a Fake profile Picture On The Dating Site.)
  • Travis And Wes Discover a Tennis Racket (That Belongs To Darby) and Dozens Of Marijuana Plants, In Paul’s Room, At His Mother’s House.
  • Travis And Wes Find Paul Hiding In A Medical Marijuana Store, and He Is Brought In For Questioning. Paul Says That Darby Knew He Was A Dealer, And He Had Nothing To Do With Her Murder.
  • Travis And Wes Learn That Darby’s Cloud Encryption Code Is In Milo’s Collar
  • Travis And Wes Use The Encryption Code To Gain access To Darby’s Cloud Account. When They Gain Access, Travis And Wes Learn That Ted’s Real Name Is Roger, and He Is Being Hunted By The FBI, Due to His Involvement In a Swiss Bank heist.
  • Ted (Roger) Is Arrested For Darby’s Murder, Apparently Darby Learned That He Was a felon, So he Killed Her. As For The Race, It’s revealed that Ted (Roger) got Someone Else To Race For him. Since The Driver Was Wearing A Helmet, the Race attendees had Know Way Of Knowing That The Driver Wasn’t Really Ted (Roger). 

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Two Things I Know: Women And Strays.”   – Travis

2) “And By Ridiculous, I Mean Stupid Hot.”   – Travis

3) “I Can’t Wait For The Free-Loader To Get Out Of The Damn Nest.”    – Paul’s Mother


This Episode Of Common Law, Had Mystery, Comedy, And Action Packed Into a One Hour Episode. This Off-Beat Cop Comedy/Drama Continues To Entertain Me Each Week. I Like that The Show Mashes Up Comedy And Drama, So that The Series Has Serious Moments, As Well As Hilarious Moments. Overall, I Have Become A Big Fan Of This Show, And I Would highly recommend It. Watch Common Live: Friday’s at 10/9C. On USA


~ Scott R.

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