Episode Notes:

  • Selena Continues Dating Evan.
  • Taylor Discovers Travis “Taking Advantage Of  Her Daughter” (Twinkle)
  • Riley Gives Advice To A Man Who’s Girlfriend Wants Him To Stop Rodeo-ing.
  • Skylar (The Rodeo Cowboy’s Girlfriend) Confronts Riley.
  • Evan Shows Up At ‘The Rub’ To Talk To Selena. Selena Then Invites Him In For A Tour, But Riley Puts A Stop To It.
  • Riley Tells Selena To Never Bring Evan Back To ‘The Rub’.
  • Riley Tells Evan About Travis And Twinkle. Evan Says That He’s Going To Take Travis Fishing, And Talk To Him About The Situation.
  • Travis And Evan Go On Their Fishing Trip.
  • While On Their Fishing Trip, Evan Talks To Travis About The Situation. Travis Says That They Were Just Playing Dress Up.
  • Riley Decides To Help Her Mom Buy The Salon, She Then Learns That She Must Provide Tax Records, A Proof Of Income, Etc.
  • Riley Helps Skylar And her Boyfriend Sort Out Their Problems. The Couple Make Up, And Get Back Together.
  • Evan Tells Riley That Travis Wasn’t “Taking Advantage” Of Twinkle, But Rather, They Were Playing Dress Up.
  • It’s Revealed That Dee-Ann Is Cheating On Her Boyfriend.
  • Riley Learns That She And Her Mother Don’t Have Enough Money To Outbid Taylor For The Salon.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Okay, We Are Trying To Have An Intelligent Conversation. Do You Mind?”    – Riley

2) “Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?”   – Travis

3) “Uncle Evan Decked A Guy!”   – Travis

4) “You Have No Idea What I’m Capable Of.”   – Selena

5) “Okay Ladies, Let’s Show These Boys How Drinking Is Done.”  – Georgia

6) “I’m Sorry, But This Hair Doesn’t Straighten Itself.”   – Selena

7) “Manipulation, It’s A Powerful Thing.”   – Riley

8) “Well If You’re Going To Act Like Children, I Intend To Treat You Like Children.”   – Georgia


Tonight’s Episode Of The Client List Was Great. I Like This Series Because It’s A Simple, Yet Interesting Show. You Can Practically Jump In On Any Episode Of The Show, And Still Grasp The Main Plot. I Would Definitely recommend This Series. Watch The Client List Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On LMN.


~ Scott R.

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