6/3/12 Episode Notes: The Killing “Bulldog”

Posted: June 5, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in The Killing
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  • Day 24
  • (Can you just imagine going through all of this in just 24 days!)
  • Linden is staying in her car.
  • “How you felling? Yeah they had you drugged up pretty good, you were all docile and glassy eyed like my Aunt Doris”- Holder
  • “Why would the mayor torpedo his own waterfront project?”- Linden
  • “What was the Mayor doing there?…we got to get that key card”- Linden
  • “They erase your mind while you were in that nut house? Remember what happened the last time we went in that casino”- Holder
  • “You’ve been sleeping inside your car, you just got out of that place, maybe I don’t know you take a nap, take a show, rest a little”- Holder
  • Linden wants to get right back to work- “They gotta pay”
  • Holder and Linden try to secure a federal warrant to get back into the casino.
  • Richmond campaign is now just down by 2%
  • “We might win this”- Gwen were
  • Mayor Adam’s is worried. His campaign manager figured out who was leaking information about the Larsen case to Richmond’s camp. James has an ex-girlfriend in the D.A’s office, he goes to speak to her.
  • “So what if the guy can play basketball in a chair, half of Seattle still thinks he’s the killer”- Mayors campaign manager
  •  Holder/Linden go to the Richmond campaign to try and get help from Gwen’s father in getting a warrant to get into the casino.
  • “Were less then twenty four hours away from the election, I don’t have time for this”- Gwen
  • “This isn’t about an election anymore, its about what he’s done to you, to the councilman, to us. You say you want to change how the city’s run, here’s your chance. We need to get into that casino”- Linden
  • It’s Halloween.
  • At the Larsen’s Terry answers the phone, its a lady saying they got an offer on the house. The house Stan has been keeping a secret from everyone.
  • In Stan’s office Terry is looking for paper for the fax machine and stumbles across a gruesome photo of Rosie’s body that was in a drawer.
  • (Jantek is the one that gave Stan the crime scene photos)
  • Terry is very shocked by the photo.
  • Gwen is working on securing a search warrant by speaking to her senator father. Senator Eaton
  • “I dont care, you are getting me the warrant”- Gwen
  • “Will see how the people of Washington state feel about a Senator who knew a political ally who assaulted his teenage daughter and did nothing about it”- Gwen
  • “When i’m done with you, you wont be able to run for the water district”- Gwen
  • Jack does not know about his moms stay in the nut house and she does not tell him when she speaks with him on the phone. Jack is fooling around with a girl, Linden can hear it in the background while on the phone.
  • Holder with a smirk “Were in”
  • Armed with a warrant Holder/Linden lead a whole team of agents up the steps to the casino.
  • “We gonna do this again?”- Nicole
  • Holder slaps the warrant in her face.
  • “Not today we aint”- Holder
  • Mayor Adam’s stops by to see Richmond. “I know where you were the night of Rosie Larsen died”- Adam’s
  • It is revealed that Richmond was so down that he tried to kill himself. The Mayor threatens to leak it to the press unless Richmond drops out of the race.
  • “Don’t get too comfortable in that office Leslie. Tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, police know about it all. Matter of time before they come for you”- Richmond
  • Stan is working on the final papers for selling the house when Jantek shows up. Wants Stan to be a hit man, he says no.
  • “I’m not asking Stan”- Jantek
  • “I said no, I took care of Piotu for you. That was it, that was our deal!”- Stan
  • Jantek threatens the dog and the boys unless still kills the man for him.
  • At the casino they ask to see all of the security camera footage.
  • “Because the hotel is under construction there still working on wiring so a few cameras may be down”- Nicole
  • “That wouldn’t happen to include the elevator we just got off of would it?”- Linden
  • Linden who no longer has a badge is there as an observer.
  • “Tear up the floor”- Linden
  • Richmond tells Jamie and Gwen he’s withdrawing from the race.
  • “Please tell me i’m on hidden camera”- Jamie 
  • Richmond reveals to Jamie and Gwen that he tried to kill himself  the night of Rosie Larsen’s murder.
  • Jamie want to try and spin the story. “We can not walk away from this!”- Jamie
  • “Darren’s right, this can’t go public the voters would never support him. He withdraws now he still has a political future”- Gwen
  • Jamie seemingly does not want to accept that its over.
  • Richmond privately tells Gwen he wanted to tell her.
  • Stan tells Terry about the house and how it was supposed to be a surprise for everyone. Terry reveals her and Michael were looking at houses and were planning on starting a family together.
  • “I guess that’s why they say you know, wanna make god laugh tell him your plans”- Terry
  • The boy are enjoying the dog. Stan is envious of it.
  • “Look at that dog, it doesn’t worry about what it’s done, doesn’t have regrets, sees this family, its not missing anyone. Its as perfect as it is.”- Stan
  • Stan to Terry “If anything happens to me I want you to take care of the boys”- Stan
  • “Why would you say that? Don’t say stuff like that.”- Terry
  • Stand tell Terry she can take the boys out for Halloween.
  • At the casino Linden makes it look like she didn’t find anything.
  • “So that was it, it was like our last hope”- Holder
  • Linden reveals she grabbed the key card.
  • “You swiped it, but what about chain of evidence?”- Holder
  • “What did you think we were gonna go walk in to Seattle PD with it? Might as well drive it to county ourselves or better yet we can hand it to the Mayor in person” Linden
  • “Holder wake up, they took my badge, threw you off the case, stole our files, were on our own out here.”- Linden
  • Nicole shows Chief Jackson the elevator security cam footage where Linden holds up the key card right to the camera and smiles.
  • “You moronic little bitch do you realize what you’ve done”- Chief to Nicole
  • The Chief breaks Nicole’s fingers in the door.
  • Chief Jackson calls someone on the phone “They’ve got your key card”
  • Its appears to be Mayor Adams “I thought you said it couldn’t come back to me?”- Adams
  • The Mayor call the Lieutenant in to his office, wants Linden off the streets.
  • Want Linden to be arrested for impersonation a police officer. The Mayor bribes the Lieutenant by offering the job as commissioner if he locks up Linden.
  • Stan following treats from Jantek show up to kill his target. Stan is about to kill the man until he says a baby in the back of his car, Stan just beats the man and orders him to run out of town.
  • Alexi surprises Jantek in his car and shoots him in the head for revenge over his fathers murder.
  • Linden/Holder are driving when Linden notices they have a tail, they speed off and get away for now.
  • It is revealed they are tracking Linden’s cell phone.
  • Linden/Holder meet with the Lieutenant. Linden shows him the key card from the casino.
  • “Elections tomorrow maybe Mayor Adam’s wins maybe Richmond does, he’s the one that got us in the casino. New regime gonna want to do some house cleaning, purge the department of the Mayor’s people”- Linden 
  • “It’s time for you to decide whether or not you want a boot on your ass”- Holder
  • “Look even if your right I can’t call this off”- Lieutenant
  • “Then get out of my way”- Linden
  • At the rally Richmond tells the truth, that he tried to commit suicide in an emotional and rallying speech.
  • Holder/Linden are in City Hall, outside the police find there car.
  • The key card doesn’t unlock Mayor Adam’s off which surprises both of them.
  • The key card unlocks Richmond’s office…they are completely surprised.
  • Mitch is back home.
  • Jamie and Gwen both look ominous as Richmond leaves the rally.
Final Thoughts:
The campaign story is finally at the heart of the investigation once again. The story continues to delve deeper and we have just two episodes left.
Based on fellow fans here are our main suspects:
  1. Gwen
  2. Jamie
  3. Mayor Adams
  4. Chief Jackson
  5. Nicole
Wild Card: Holder
Questions to consider: (Thanks Holly!)
1. Did the Chief call the Mayor or someone else?
2. Did the Mayor change the keycard?
3.Is someone in Richmond’s camp secretly working for the Mayor?
4. What did Rosie know that was the cause of being killed?
5. Why would the Mayor derail his own project or was someone in Richmond’s camp trying to derail it?
6. Who put the picture Adrian drew on Linden’s fridge and what connection does that case have with Rosie’s?
Next on The Killing Sunday June 10th 9/8c 2×12 “Donnie or Marie” Promo:
  1. Christie says:

    I think the killer has to be male due to he chasexscene in the first episode. I don’t think a woman would have done that. Key is what Rosie overheard or saw. I’m trying to figure that one out.

  2. HilsLong says:

    the “who done it” ideas being floated all over the web are extraordinary. All I know is the detailed,
    deliberate, didactic delivery of “the Killing” is inspiring and like nothing I’ve seen on tv before. It’s
    slow and exciting simultaneously…. how do the do it???

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